• Demand Film: All for One

    Submitted by 303cycling on May 21st, 2018

    Broomfield     ALL FOR ONE follows the first five years of the GreenEDGE cycling journey. United by their renegade spirit and a determination to win against substantial odds, these riders take on the international circuit. The film offers unique insights into the first five years of their journey, bearing witness to the ethos ofRead More

    • Bicycle Mechanic: Evergreen Bike Shop

      Submitted by 303cycling on May 21st, 2018

      Evergreen Bike Shop is looking for an experienced, certified bike mechanic with sales experience. Applicants must be skilled with road and MTB including suspension service and electronic drive-trains. Read on, maybe this is the right fit for you. Read more

      • James Canyon Reconstruction Project Update

        Submitted by 303cycling on May 21st, 2018

        Weather looks dry for riding this week. If you like James Canyon, please read this construction advisory from Boulder County Transportation. Read more

        • Cyclist Safety Panel

          Submitted by 303cycling on May 10th, 2018

          Boulder   This event is a women’s only (women/trans/femme/gender non-conforming) discussion around bicycle safety. We’ve curated a panel of safety experts to inform us how to stay safer, community initiatives to promote safety, and what to do if an incident happens. Speakers: Mara Abbott, Jon Flora, Brenna Backe, and Todd Brady. Women’s W/T/F event toRead More

          • Business and Political Engagement Manager: PeopleForBikes

            Submitted by 303cycling on April 9th, 2018

            Looking for a position that includes your creativity, organizational and communication skills, enjoyment of travel and politics? PeopleForBikes may be looking for you! Read more

            • Bikes & Life: The Pattern of “Self Talk” by Elite Cyclist Becky Furuta

              Submitted by 303cycling on March 28th, 2018

              As an athlete, you are always limited by what you tell yourself is possible. If you tell yourself that the hill is too steep and that you are too fat to climb it, you will walk your bike to the top. If you tell yourself that the conditions are too bad, the wind is too severe, the snow too blinding, you will get in the team car and call it a day. If you tell yourself that you are destined to lose, you will lose….or, worse, you’ll never bother to start.  Read more

              • Mountain Biking at Altitude – 3 Tips to Ease the Pain!

                Submitted by 303cycling on March 26th, 2018

                So, you’ve finally booked that mountain bike trip to Colorado – congratulations! You know the mountain biking will be amazing, but you’re a little nervous about the altitude. Read more

                • SPOKE: Becky Furuta on Cycling and Life – “Go Slow Before You Go Fast”

                  Submitted by 303cycling on March 18th, 2018

                  By Becky Furuta “Go slow before you go fast.” Matt Vogel, former staff member at Team Novo Nordisk, Santa Barbara, CA   Training camp can be hectic. For Team Novo Nordisk, it was often the rare occasion when all the athletes from each discipline – the women’s team and the men’s, the runners and theRead More


                    Submitted by 303cycling on March 15th, 2018

                    Another day, another report of a local cyclist being harassed, run off the road, injured, or even killed. This has become a new normal, and while the politics behind the issue rage on, athletes are unfortunately having to adjust to the current conditions. From professional endurance athletes that are putting their safety on the line everyday, to potential new athletes that are choosing not to get into the sport because of the “safety issue,” this is too big to ignore.  Read more