• Women’s Wednesday: The “C” Word.

    Submitted by Nicole Odell on April 5th, 2017

    by Cheri Felix Something has been a bee in my bonnet for some time now and while I am pretty sure anyone who reads this is “my choir” I thought I’d share. Perhaps it will be a public service announcement. And a warning. Last year we women at 303 were exposed to what amounts toRead More

    • Women’s Wednesday: Alison Dunlap MTB Clinics

      Submitted by Jen Findley on March 29th, 2017

      Are you looking to improve your mountain biking skills this summer? Looking to develop additional skills and make friends along the way? Consider a weekend mountain biking skills camp! 303 Cycling Ambassador Erin Trail talked to Alison Dunlap about her Adventure Camps. ~~~~~~~~~~ Erin:  Who can benefit from your camps? Alison:  Anyone, from skilled toRead More

      • Women’s Wednesday: New Women in Sports Enrichment Grants Available

        Submitted by Amy on March 22nd, 2017

        Women In Sports Enrichment (WISE) provides grants to female athletes and female teams, encouraging them to reach their athletic and life goals. Read more

        • Women’s Wednesday: An Open Letter From the Women’s Over 40 MTB Brigade

          Submitted by Amy on March 22nd, 2017

          Rachel Jevons researches how women over 40 are represented in MTB. The social media accounts, publications and websites run by women, for women, have nailed it – but the mainstream stuff? Not even close. Read more

          • Women’s Wednesday: Becky Furuta: This Body

            Submitted by Nicole Odell on March 8th, 2017

            From BeyondType1: This Body WRITTEN BY: Becky Furuta My body and I have a long history. It’s a story of loyalty and betrayal, of adventures and near misses, of love and awkwardness and everything in between. We’ve been together for 37 years, and during that time, my body has been my most glorious friend. When IRead More

            • Winter Riding Tips: Women’s Edition

              Submitted by Jen Findley on February 21st, 2017

              Read this full article and treat yourself to a smile and giggle at the English language. But also take note that cyclists everywhere face the same challenges when riding. Read more

              • Tour de Ladies Continues to Grow in 2017

                Submitted by Jen Findley on February 14th, 2017

                Registration is open for the 2017 Tour de Ladies, Women’s Only Colorado bike tour. With the addition of a 13 mile ride, amazing SAG and some other great new changes, the day will be a BLAST for all. Read more

                • Women’s Wednesday: Self-Deprication

                  Submitted by Nicole Odell on February 8th, 2017

                  By Khem Suthiwan Self-deprecation is something I have never understood. Why do people do it? Is it because they don’t believe in themselves? Do they think they are not worthy of being an awesome human being? Whatever the reason may be, I wish it would stop. People often don’t believe in themselves…especially women. How canRead More

                  • USAC announces update to Women’s Cat 5 eligibility; SW4 racers may downgrade to SW5

                    Submitted by Nicole Odell on February 6th, 2017

                    Recently, 303Cycling.com  reported on a new “beginners” category established for women racers. USA Cycling  and the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado introduced a Senior Women’s Category 5 class to be included in 2017. In an email message from the USAC Vice President of Event Services dated Tuesday, January 31st, the organization announced an option for SeniorRead More

                    • You Can Never Have Too Much Primal

                      Submitted by Dana Willett on February 1st, 2017

                      By Cheri Felix Clothing options are like boyfriend options in middle school; there’s a willingness and a plethora but perhaps they’re not all a great fit. Luckily, Primal is here in Colorado. I get to see the company represented at races and events and I get an up close look at some of what theyRead More