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303Cycling is your source for cycling news in the state of Colorado. We have the best consolidated cycling calendar covering all events from racing, tours, events and more. Our jobs page allows those in or out of the state looking for employers who support your interests and values. Additionally 303cycling is Colorado’s daily news source on cycling – whether your interest is commuting, advocacy, recreational rider or passionate racer, we’ve got you covered.


 Bill Plock – Publisher, President

Bill Plock

Since joining Strava in the Fall of 2012 it says I have ridden over 21,000 miles, ran 3,200 miles and swam 465,000 yards preparing for triathlons (obviously) and numerous biking events, but more importantly, exploring roads and trails all over Colorado (mostly)—my happiest of places. Cycling is my passion and growing up in Golden, I still find new places to explore and I like nothing more than sharing them, and my passion—especially on 303cycling and 303triathlon. Sometimes I write a column with my pen name, TriHearter…that word says it all. I wear my heart on my sleeve and always give it my best. I also love to work with organizations who want to market to our very targeted audience of athletes and enthusiasts—let me explain how sometime! Happy riding and training!


Khem Suthiwan – Content & Social Media Editor, Celebrity Correspondent


A Colorado resident since 2001, Khem grew up playing sports in school because they were fun, but often spent time warming up the bench. She got into running not too long after moving to Denver. After completing her first marathon, she realized that slow-twitch muscle events were her jam. She got started in triathlon through Team In Training in 2010 after completing several marathons with them and coaching their marathon teams. The Koolaid never tasted so good. After a few years of training and racing she was all in with swim-bike-run, finished her first 140.6 in 2012 (IRONMAN Canada-Penticton), and made a natural transition to coaching triathletes shortly after. In 2015, Khem was one of five athletes chosen nationwide with the Team in Training program to fundraise (over $300,000!) for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and race at the IRONMAN World Championships. She has served on the board for the Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club, coaches with Mile High Multisport, and races for Palmares Racing and the USA Triathlon Foundation. If she’s not racing, you’ll often find her out supporting her friends out on the race course, and always with a big smile. During the winter she enjoys hitting the slopes on powder days and dabbling in cyclocross. Her favorite food group? Bacon!!

Rich Soares – 303Radio

Rich Soares & Mike Reilly


Rich has called Colorado home from an early age. A daily runner in High School and College, Rich enjoyed putting long miles. Rich began training for his first triathlon in 2006 and has competed in triathlon races of all distances, including five Ironman races in Cozumel (2x), Coeur d’Alene, Arizona and Boulder. He enjoys road cycling racing including the Bob Cook Classic Mt. Evans Hill Climb, the Triple Bypass and the Cherry Creek Time Trial Series and more. Beyond competition, Rich is an endurance sport enthusiast and finds personal reward in helping others enjoy and grow in the sport. As a USAT certified coach and host of 303Radio and the Mile High Endurance podcasts. He keeps his knowledge sharp by researching endurance topics and interviewing coaches, experts and professional athletes. He believes in the empowerment of knowledge and seeks out credible experts on contemporary topics to help coaches and athletes alike. Rich lives in Highlands Ranch with his wife Wendy and his teenage daughters, Lauren and Morgan.

Kenny Withrow

Kenny Withrow

Kenny is an accomplished triathlete (as in kona-world-championships-accomplished)… Disciplined, ambitious, and charming as all get out. He and his fiance Sasha recently bought an RV and have been living on the road, chasing down training venues in the warm south through the winter. Outside of competing in triathlons, Kenny is an accomplished videographer, and co-owns 5280 Elite, producing many inspirational and commercial projects. He is a regular contributor to 303, and will be joining the Kona team once

Previous Core Contributors

Jennifer Findley – Partner, Assistant Editor

A resident of Boulder County since 1978, Jen started her career in multisport as a competitive swimmer in high school in the early ’80’s. She continued to swim on her own through college, and started swimming Master’s in grad school (where she earned her MS in Kinesiology). Shortly after graduating in ’94, she began running seriously and clocked her first half marathon at Canyonlands in Moab (not afraid of spontaneity, she registered for that effort same-day). A multiple marathon finisher, she has raced LA, Boston, New York and Pikes Peak. Her favorite foot race is the Aspen Golden Leaf, which is mostly single track from Snowmass to Aspen. She and her ice-climbing husband, Paul, enjoy the occasional Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder (with their four kids – 8, 12, 12, and 15 – cheering). She has raced the Boulder Peak tri three times now – in 1993 (placing first in her AG), and again in 2002 (when her twins were just six months old), and in July of 2014, where she placed in the top 10%. Since this official comeback, she has been cajoled into relays with fellow 303 staffers, and has her eyes on a few significant tri events for 2015.

Dana Willett – Managing Partner, Editor-in-Chief 303cycling, 303Triathlon

Dana Willett

With a long career of journalism, research and marketing experience, Dana Willett joined 303 in the spring of 2013 with a helmet full of ideas and enthusiasm. This late-in-life triathlete first entered the sport in 2007, fully equipped with swim floaties and training wheels. Since then she’s progressed through the various distances, including a couple Ironman races, a dozen marathons, and XTERRA. The sweet taste of a few small podiums, a few qualifications and decent rankings, and an honor here and there keep her coming back for more. She is motivated to attempt every tri in the state of Colorado, and loves jumping in on charity rides. Having been inspired and supported by the strong triathlon & cycling community in the Denver/Boulder area, Dana is committed to providing informative and encouraging cycling & triathlon news to all Colorado multisport athletes, including first-timers, pros, and everyone in between.

Kris Thompson – Founder

Founder, Kris Thompson

Founder, Kris Thompson, never felt connected to some of the national or international cycling news outlets because for him cycling was happening here, right where he rides, not in France or at some random race in Florida. There are many existing outlets for Colorado cycling news but none consolidated into one stream. Plus with the rise of negative doping in cycling Kris and many others lost faith in cycling as a professional sport. Kris has spent his entire life on two wheels from hours upon hours of dirt bike riding on a family farm in Missouri to BMX Freestyle, Mountain Biking, Road, Track, Downhill and his favorite, Cyclocross. Outside of competition he enjoys hill climbs and Ride the Rockies along with his new love of Downhilling at Winter Park. A software engineer designing mobile apps by day and 303Cycling manager by night (and day). Would love to do some longer bike tours in Colorado and abroad, especially in Germany since Kris is fluent in German. Favorite thing about 303Cycling? Connecting people with useful information, the more we know the strong our community can become.

David Kuticpal – Partner

David Kutcipal - Photo Credit: SportifImagesDavid Kutcipal can say he’s been in the cycling industry since 1994 when he moved here from Chicago and took a job with Schwinn, in IT of course. After years (and years) of abusing his body running marathons, ultras and 24 hour races, he got on a bike to save himself. He started racing bikes in 2003 and has enjoyed road, cyclocross and MTB. His interest in photography began as an interest in the then new digital technology. Soon after he discovered he had a talent for it. In addition to his cycling photography he has photographed sporting events ranging from his son’s soccer to international polo matches. He has also started to show some of his portrait and nature photography locally. He is excited to head back to his home state of Michigan this Fall for his first MTB race in years, The Iceman. And like Kris, 303Cycling gives him the chance to geek out both on bikes and the computer.

Cheri Felix – Partner

Cheri Felix

Cheri rides mountain bikes and lately has become cross curious. She has three kids, one dog, one bearded dragon and a husband. When she’s not taking care of her family she’s riding, planning a ride or writing about riding. Cheri’s passion is spreading the good word about riding on dirt and how it can change your life. She also likes beer which is not a requirement to ride bikes. You can follow Cheri on Twitter @mtnbikechic

 Cheri’s recent articles



Katie Macarelli

Katie Macarelli

Katie is a Colorado native who grew up on a dairy farm on the Eastern Plains. She learned how to drive a tractor before riding a bike but found that there is a surprising amount of skill transfer between the two. She got her start in the Colorado cycling scene competing in triathlons for around five years until she realized that running is the worst. She loves racing cx (or at least hanging out at cx races), crits (getting dropped) and is working on becoming fearless on her mtb. Katie worked as an educator for Bicycle Colorado for three years, during which she likely taught your child how to ride a bike without training wheels. While working with 303, she also took pride in the fact that Kris Thompson would fire her at least once a day but would always rehire her by 5 p.m.

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