Driver in death of 8-year-old yet to serve 5-month sentence


From the Daily Camera

The Longmont driver who pleaded guilty in connection with the death last year of an 8-year-old girl riding her bike has yet to spend a night in jail.

The first of Kyle Couch’s 150 days behind bars will depend on the Colorado Court of Appeals process, due to a state law that grants a stay on jail sentences to anyone who appeals in a misdemeanor plea.

Had Couch started his term at the Boulder County Jail the day of his sentencing on April 4, he would have been released earlier this month. But jail and court records show he was released after posting a $1,000 bond later the same day.

Couch pleaded guilty in March to careless driving and criminal possession of a fake ID in a plea deal that saw prosecutors drop a slew of more serious charges, including vehicular homicide and driving under the influence of marijuana, in the May 20, 2016, crash that killed Longmont’s Peyton Knowlton.

At the April sentencing hearing, Couch’s defense team argued that he be allowed to finish his college semester …

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One thought on “Driver in death of 8-year-old yet to serve 5-month sentence

  1. I feel for the parents of the “8-year old girl” (I guess she doesn’t have a name), that’s any parent’s worst nightmare made even more painful because of the twisted judicial system of those ridiculous plea bargains. He drove over a child and killed her while driving high, that’s vehicular homicide + DUI, not ever anything less. Makes me sick.

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