Getting Their Time Trial On

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Getting their time trial on at the Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial, Ride The Rockies Reactions, IRONMAN Texas professional podium contenders and the anatomy of a “Race Rehearsal”.


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In Today’s Show

  • Cycling News/Updates – Why the demise of RTR and KHMTT
  • Triathlon News/Updates – IM TX Pro Start List; Tez Steinberg Solo Row HI to AUS
  • Coaching Tip of the Week – What’s a race rehearsal?


303Cycling News and Updates:

Why the Demise of Ride the Rockies


303Triathlon News and Updates:

IRONMAN Texas: Full men’s start list and bib numbers for first full distance race of Pro Series


IRONMAN Texas: Full women’s start list and bib numbers for class in the Lone Star State


United World Challenge



Coaching Tip of the Week:

Last week we had a good unpacking of the question – Am I ready to race? This week we help you answer that question and help you eliminate the doubts that are keeping you up at night.


You’ve been putting in months of training and now your big race is just a few weeks away. I have athletes racing Chatty 70.3 and Boulder 70.3 and all at slightly staggered points in there final preparation. Just like you might do a dress rehearsal to iron out the wrinkles for a stage performance, a race rehearsal is a dry run of the race ahead.


What we are are rehearsing?

  1. Hydration and nutrition days leading up, evening before, morning of and throughout the race rehearsal
  2. OWS sighting and pacing
  3. Bike race day power, clothing, equipment, hydration, fueling, sun protection – everything just like race day.
  4. Run at race pace – just not as long. 40 minutes off the bike after a 3:30 bike.
  5. Post race recovery and nutrition
  6. Clothing, fueling, hydration, power, pace, time of day…everything just like race day


May – Month of Rehearsals for my athletes. Open to others who want to join us.

5/4 8:30 Tom Watson Park. Boulder 70.3 course. There should be riders of all levels.

5/11 7:30 Chatfield Reservoir. OWS Intro Clinic followed by race rehearsals. Very little car traffic in the park.

5/18 7:30 Chatfield Reservoir. OWS Advanced Clinic followed by Race Rehearsals.

5/25 7:30 Chatfield Reservoir. OWS Race Practice followed by Race Rehearsals.

6/1 12:00 Tom Watson Park. Boulder 70.3 course. After Colorado Triathlon.

6/7 TriDot Camp and 70.3 Athlete Bike check

6/8 Boulder 70.3


Go to the 303 Triathlon Facebook page or my personal page to find the events. Please let me know you’re coming by indicating Going or Interested.


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