Riding in the Wind from GCN

Winter is here. Spring races are on the horizon (ahem…Gephardt, Automotive Classic). This means “wind-racing” here in Colorado. Global Cycling Network breaks is down for us–with a lovely accent, no less.

For more, check out these tips from TheCyclist-Lawyer.com” team blog:

  • If possible, start rides into the wind. Battle while you’re fresh, then let the gale blow you home. This is assuming the head-wind doesn’t change, of course. (Shhhh! Don’t even think it, as you’ll jinx yourself).
  • Time your ride. Wind is usually lighter in the early morning or in the evening. If you start your ride a little earlier, the headwind could be (relatively) tame before you’re treated to a roaring tailwind on the return trip.
  • Don’t fight to keep a set speed. Remember, to maintain 18 mph into a 10-mph headwind you need about twice the effort as when riding 18 on a calm day. Gear down and work on a fluid spin. If you are riding in a paceline, rotate more often and in slower motion.
  • Get down. Get aero and hone your riding position. When riding into a headwind, watch your computer and notice how small postural changes affect your speed. Get low with your back almost horizontal. Try aligning your head and back, but without keeping your head so low that your back is hunched. Keep your elbows in to minimize your frontal area instead of splayed outward (like I do when I’m about to cry).

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