• Surrendering Control: My Perspective as Tandem Bicycle Passenger

    Submitted by Bill Plock on May 26th, 2020

    We owned a tandem bike in the past and ride considerably well together compared to many couples, who say they will never attempt a tandem bike, or did, and nearly divorced! Nevertheless, that was years ago, and I was not expecting there would be another one in our near future. The memories of flying down Lookout Mountain with my eyes closed on the back of our old tandem still make me proud and amazed that I didn’t faint and fall off the bike. I wasn’t sure I was ready to commit again to that experience….. Read more

    • Ready. Steady. Go? Endurance Hub Snowmass Looking at Summer as it Transitions From Shortened Ski Season

      Submitted by Bill Plock on May 26th, 2020

      Colorado’s resorts are busy planning for the new reality. Rob transitions from his last day on skis to thinking about biking at one of his favorite places and shares how Snowmass (and probably most resorts) is seeing their summer right now, as always Rob sets a colorful stage…enjoy Read more

      • Triple Bypass Canceled for 2020, Official Statement and News on Future

        Submitted by Bill Plock on May 19th, 2020

        igh… We tried. We really did.
        We’ve lost a lot of sleep deciding the best way forward for the 2020 Triple Bypass. Though Team Evergreen would love to host you on our epic ride through the Colorado Rockies, after careful consideration of how COVID restrictions will look in September, we decided we couldn’t give you the exceptional experience that we are known for. And we need you to be safe.

        So with that, we are officially canceling the 2020 Triple Bypass. We don’t want you to have to ride wearing a mask, eliminate the finish party fun or prevent you from giving congratulatory high-fives to your fellow participants. COVID-19 has taken the air out of the balloon for large events in 2020. It’s a fact we can’t ignore.  Read more

        • Dave Towle Race Announcer About His Career, “If You Feel It, Go For It”, This Chat; “On Like Donkey Kong”

          Submitted by Bill Plock on May 18th, 2020

          Watch and listen to veteran race announcer, Dave Towle tell his story on how he rose to the front of the announcing peloton. Learn how taking Russian at Fairview High School led to his duty as “gopher” for a RussianRead More

          • Results of BRAC’s Survey and Town Hall Meeting

            Submitted by Bill Plock on May 17th, 2020

            The Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) held a Zoom Town Hall Meeting last Tuesday night to review results from a member survey and provide those who tuned in an update on racing. The overall message is there is no clear path moving forward as to when we can race again. They collected 695 surveys asking members about desires to race, their concerns with safety, how their cycling behavior has changed in the last couple of months, and what types of events they were planning to ride—interesting that more than a third planned to do both a mountain or gravel events. Read more

            • Gravel Riding: 3 Tips for your Best Gravel Adventure!

              Submitted by Bill Plock on May 12th, 2020

              “Gravel” refers to essentially any non-paved road: jeep trails, utilitarian public or private country roads for farming, ranching, or oil/gas companies, and even roads that have been decommissioned. Surfaces can be gravel, mud, packed dirt, sand, and pebbles. Gravel bikes are ready for anything: washboards, singletrack, bikepacking, and pannier-loaded errand runs.

              One of the biggest differences between road, mountain bike and gravel riding are that conditions can vary more on gravel rides. Due to weather, the different types of gravel roads, and the limitations of skinnier tires when compared with mountain bikes, gravel riders must be ready for any adventure. Several gravel events have required the participants to carry their bikes for miles due to mud and difficult terrain. This is all part of the “unknown” adventure that appeals to many gravel riders! Read more

              • Sam Long, “Everesting” Lee Hill/Deer Trail Roads, 29K of Climbing in 10 Hours

                Submitted by Bill Plock on May 11th, 2020

                On Saturday, professional triathlete and Boulder native, Sam Long “Everested” a combination of Lee Hill Road and Deer Trail Road. In exactly 10 hours, Sam ascended and descended those roads 15 times. He rode a 133 miles and climbed 29,219 feet averaging 254 watts. Think about all those descents at near zero watts–pretty impressive. The 4.52 mile climb is notorious in the Boulder averaging an 8% grade for nearly 1,900 feet of climbing. By comparison the climb on Lookout Mountain, Pillars to Post, is almost the same distance but climbs 1,200 feet, For math fanatics, there is a slight hill on the descent of Lee Hill that adds to the totals.  Read more

                • Zwift Racing, Jessica McWhirt Style, Be Ready to Hammer the Start

                  Submitted by Bill Plock on May 11th, 2020

                  I lined up with 17 other Cat B women from my room for the USAC Zwift Race on the 6 Train Reverse route. My giant blue box fan turned to level 2 as I continued to pedal while the clock counted down. Racers chatted about Cat A’s racing the B category. I saw my teammate was already in the pend when I arrived. She messaged me, “Looks like we’re the only ones from REVO racing today.”

                  The first thing you should know about Zwift racing is that it’s not like racing in real life but also, it is. I learned the hard way in my first ever Zwift race that the starts are fast. Superfast. Like, double-your-FTP-out-of-the-pen fast. Then you have to hold those watts for a minute or two depending on the field. I assumed you rolled out like you normally did in real life races. Then I chased the main pack the rest of the race never catching on. Read more

                  • Triple Bypass Moved to Sept. 26th, Double Triple Cancelled.

                    Submitted by Bill Plock on May 7th, 2020

                    From Event Organizers We’ve been working closely with state and city officials on where things stand with COVID-19 and our event. While we had hoped that July 11-12th would go on as planned, the Town of Avon has officially pulledRead More