Women’s Wednesday: What They Really Want Under the Tree

303’s Guide for What to Buy Him or Her.

by Cheri Felix

It’s that time of the year when I tell you what they really want for the holidays. It’s not the time to sell you the companies that send me free samples. It’s not an opportunity for me to stoke someone’s ego so that I can ask for a future favor. It’s just that time of the year when I truly marvel at some of the people and companies in our community that really share their love of cycling with us. They put their money where their mouth is, they are generous and they are kind. And the tree topper is that they make great stuff. So without further ado, here are some of my favorites from 2016.

Primal. They are a sponsor of the Colorado High School Cycling League. That’s enough but I’ll say more. They support people and they put themselves out there at events and races and they truly make the trails happier. I LOVE their HT.A lifestyle clothing. I wear their sports bras (soft and cozy) and their matching AireSpan shirts. I wear them for biking, running and when I want to look like I give a damn. I even wear some of their lycra, which you know doesn’t come natural to me. I’ve got their socks, bras, jerseys, lycra and shirts. Soft, highly functional and looks great. And did I say how much I love the face of the company. Solid. Local. Check them out.



Shredly. Colorado based company started by Ashley Rankin. She was tired of wearing black all the time so she decided to design her own mountain bike clothing and it has morphed into more than shorts. She designs leggings, multi-sport shorts and mountain biking shorts. Add to that tops, hats and a total kick-ass chamois and you ice that with the fact that it’s all made in the USA and you’ve got yourself a company I’ve loved since its inception. Every time I wear them around town and on the trail, someone asks “Where did you get those shorts?” Every. single. time.

 Read Cheri’s Shredly legging review here

Feedback Sports. Feedback Sports is like the Cheers of the biking world. It’s like where everyone knows your name and all you want to do when you walk into their offices, is pick out a desk and never leave. They’re just fun. And they put on one of my favorite races every year; The Feedback Cup. I have one of their Work Stands. Hands down, one of my best things in my garage. It’s very helpful to clean and work on your own bike. And not that I’m a expert mechanic (except in my dreams) but they’ve also developed tool kits for bikes. I KNOW! Work Stand and bike tools. It’s like the Buddhist’s version of Shangri-la. Their goal is to use FEEDBACK for improvement. I love it. Data + accountability. Add to that community minded and it’s like your favorite high school boyfriend (or girlfriend).

Boulder Cycle Sport. BCS is like the godparent of many of us who race cyclocross. Not only are they a locally owned bike store, they have an ambassador program that teaches, encourages and positively heckles many of us. They provide support, mechanics, air when you need it, clinics, organized rides and social events. They put their money and time where their passion is and many of us around here benefit. It’s been completely invigorating for me to be a part of the team and to witness and experience their tireless passion for growing cyclocross in our community. Indebted.


The Coffee Ride. Locally roasted coffee delivered by bike. Josh is one of those guys that makes you want to drink coffee even if you only drink tea. He’s kind and passionate about delivering a great cup of joe. You can arrange for a coffee subscription that may give you more bang for your buck than any magazine subscription you’ve got laying around. If you’re outside of Boulder, coffee can be delivered for a fee by USPS. Give someone you love a subscription. Nothing quite says “I love you” like a coffee subscription. In fact, it may say “I’d love you more if you drank more coffee.”


Boulder Bicycle Works. Brian and Dave have had a piece of my bike loving heart since we first met. Brian built my cyclocross bike and Dave fit me for what would become my first cyclocross bike. I can literally roll in and Dave & Brian will meet me at the car to give me what I need for my bike. They’ve been like brothers to me. Answering my MANY texts, bringing me a fat bike to the mountains so that I can race in the snow and they, although they are busy these days, always have time for a cup of coffee. They work on bikes. They build wheels. They listen. They answer questions. Like coffee and cream or peanut butter and jelly. They are a great shop that does great work for many of us. I can’t promise you drive-up service but I can promise you kindness, integrity and coffee.


Moe Rose. Moe is a local artist who somehow feels the pulse of those of us who love riding bikes. She makes hand-stamped jewelry, cards and does very cool projects with wood and art prints of bicycles. Think bike art on reclaimed wood and you’ve got yourself a unique, made by a local artist gift for someone you love. Moe has been so supportive of the bike loving community. Plan on playing the “one for me, one for you” game. You’ll want something for yourself. Every kiss may begin with K but bike jewelry is way better than diamonds.



I could go on. I hope you can tell how much I love these companies and people. Sharing really is caring. Perhaps a gift-certificate for a bike tune-up. Or some very rad mountain bike shorts or maybe your someone special really would love a work stand and tools. These are just a few of my favorite things this year. Have a jolly time buying those you love things you can be sure they will love. Ride bikes, keep the rubber side down and spread joy and love.

Fa la la la la la la la la!

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