Bike-making brothers fatten up order list

by Katy Tracy, Business Den

QuietKat makes electric fat bikes geared for hunting, fishing, camping. (QuietKat)

If Jake Roach and his twin brother Justin have their way, hunters and fishermen who for decades have relied on ATVs might instead saddle up their beefy electric bikes before heading into the backcountry.

From its base in Eagle, Jake Roach said, QuietKat is on track to sell more than 2,000 bikes in 2018.

“We look at ourselves as the Jeep Wrangler of electric bikes,” Roach said, adding that a new full-suspension carbon electric bike is coming in 2019.

QuietKat makes pedal-assist electric fat bikes and motorized trikes for less-mobile customers. It also sells a trailer than can tow coolers.

Roach said the quiet, light option has some novel advantages in the backcountry: QuietKat riders can carry their 70-pound bikes where an ATV ride would have to turn around.

“The biggest advantage is that your impact is almost near zero,” he said. “You’re not making noises, you’re not using gas, you’re not tearing up the land.”


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