Watch/Listen About One of the Greatest Endurance Feats in History

By Bill Plock

If you google “greatest endurance feats,” all kinds of crazy things show up. Things like Jack LaLane pulling 70 row boats swimming with his hands and feat in shackles. Or, Wim Hofs 5:25 marathon running in Finland north of the Arctic Circle at four degrees below zero—in nothing but running shorts.

But no doubt Coloradan Sarah Thomas’ recent feat of swimming the English Channel four times, covering about 134 miles, will be on the list. In this interview we talk about her other feats as well, like being one of only 15 people to have swum across Loch Ness Lake in Scotland, or her first channel swim taking her to Catalina Island. Also, she swam the English Channel only a year after being diagnosed with breast cancer and living through all of that treatment and trying to train and simply live.

This video offers you about 15 minutes of our 51 minute interview. The entire interview can be heard here:

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