• SPOKE: Becky Furuta on Bikes, and Life – #1 Wisconsin

    Submitted by 303cycling on December 17th, 2017

    A ride down memory lane. By Becky Furuta My life could be as easily measured in the passing of minutes as in the strokes of pedals. Much of my 39 years on the planet has been spent riding, from theRead More

    • 4 Skills You Need to Gain Before Going Bike Camping

      Submitted by 303cycling on September 15th, 2017

      Mastering the basics of balancing on two wheels and pedaling to propel yourself forward is essentially enough to make you a “road worthy” biker. If your adventures go much beyond your local bicycle path or the street in front of your house, though, you’ll need a few more developed skills. Read more

      • How to get into cycling when you are 40+

        Submitted by 303cycling on August 31st, 2017

        Some say that cycling is a young person’s sport. I beg to differ! Cycling can provide people of any age an outlet for exercise, enjoyment, and positive stress relief. The biggest problem that many older generations face is that they don’t know how to get into the sport. With the bike industry changing so quickly, this is no surprise. Read on, and learn how to comfortably get into cycling when you are over 40. Read more

        • Is Lance Armstrong’s podcast partnership a violation of his lifetime ban?

          Submitted by 303cycling on August 8th, 2017

          On August 2, organizers of the inaugural Colorado Classic stage race announced that the event is partnering with Lance Armstrong to “bring his fresh and informed cycling perspective to the inaugural event with daily podcasts.” Read more

          • Golden Giddyup: “Them’s the Laws of the Trail”

            Submitted by Bill Plock on April 25th, 2017

            The Golden Giddyup is all about building community, on the trail and off, with helpful tips on how to keep interactions on the trail pleasant for all. Read more

            • Denver Campaign for Bike Lane Funding

              Submitted by 303cycling on April 23rd, 2017

              From Bicycle Colorado We’re eager to get the word out about our campaign to increase funding for bike lanes and sidewalks. Here’s an excerpt from a great streetsblog story with the overview: A new coalition of transportation advocates wants toRead More

              • Prevent Bike Theft!

                Submitted by 303cycling on February 18th, 2017

                Always lock your bike, even if it is with a lightweight lock. Last year, one of our owners, Russ Chandler, turned his head for just one minute at a coffee shop, and his bike was stolen. Read his story here.
                 Read more

                • What’s Up with E-Bikes?

                  Submitted by 303cycling on December 19th, 2016

                  E-bike conference examines the future and sets priorities for growth next year by Mark Sani on Bicycle Retailer SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. (BRAIN) — Some 60 industry executives, most affiliated with the e-bike industry, took time at a conference ThursdayRead More

                  • Fight From Your Bike: Martial Artists Show How

                    Submitted by 303cycling on December 5th, 2016

                    by Adam Ruggiero on GearJunkie.com The Israeli special forces have long been the envy of hand-to-hand combat fighters. One Minneapolis studio modified its martial art, Krav Maga, into the first and only defense program specifically for cyclists. It’s a SundayRead More