The Pro’s Closet Merges with The Radavist

LOUISVILLE, CO, SEPTEMBER TK, 2021 — The Pro’s Closet (TPC) is excited to announce its merger with The Radavist. With combined resources, the two companies will offer The Radavist and TPC readers and customers expanded content and merchandise offerings supported by larger editorial, production, and operations teams.

Central to the merger is TPC’s commitment to supporting The Radavist founder and editor John Watson and lead designer Cari Carmean by investing in The Radavist brand to maintain the outlet’s authoritative perspective and voice in cycling. TPC’s resources will enable The Radavist to broaden its content and merchandise offerings and develop future collaborations with leading creatives, brands, and independent makers

“We love The Radavist. We’re long-time readers and The Radavist ethos is directly aligned with ours,” said TPC CEO John Levisay. “John and Cari inspire millions of people to love bikes, respect the land, and go on adventures. We’re very excited to welcome them, their contributors, and The Radavist community into The Pro’s Closet family and to be a part of the expansion of the site.”

TPC is the world’s leading retailer of Certified Pre-Owned bikes and offers customers a wide selection of pre-owned and new bikes, frames, wheels, parts, accessories, and apparel. TPC’s own editorial efforts are aligned with The Radavist’s, and both outlets will continue to offer in-depth, substantive insights and inspiration for all riders and disciplines.

“I have so much respect for what John and Cari have built and the passionate community they have helped create,” said TPC Founder Nick Martin. “As founders, you live and breathe the business day in and day out. John has been running it wide open for 15 years and we are excited to provide him with more tools in his toolbox to continue doing more of what he does best, spreading the love of cycling and the great outdoors.”

The Radavist and The Pro’s Closet are committed to honoring all existing advertising contracts and to maintaining The Radavist as a free site with no paywall so that its content will be available to all readers into the future.

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