Local Bike Shops Address Associations with Outdoor Retailers and Gun Sales

Vista Outdoor brands

The Longmont Times Call reports that Boulder Cycle Sport has broken ties with Vista Outdoor, makers of Bell, Giro, Blackburn and Camelbak, due to the parent company’s association with the NRA and the semi-automatic assault rifles it sells.
BCS co-owner Taro Smith “was disturbed by advertisements for semi-automatic rifles and ammo ‘designed to blow through bone and thick hide while also creating massive wounds,’” according to the Times-Call article.
While BCS has publicly boycotted these brands, other shops are wary of a blanket move that would primarily hurt cycling division employees.

In the article Full Cycle owner Russell Chandler says:

We’ve got these brands people have loved — and they are very, very good brands; they just happened to have been acquired by this company. Unfortunately, it is their employees, who are our close associates and friends, who would suffer more than the wealthy, socially irresponsible parent company.

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