BikeBiz and Denver Streetsblog report, “When You Buy These Bike Brands, You’re Supporting Gun Manufacturers”

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Giro, Bell, Camelbak, Copilot and more are facing a consumer boycott because they are owned by Vista Outdoor, a supporter of the National Rifle Association.

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, US bike advocate Aaron Naparstek is calling for a boycott of Giro, Bell, Camelbak, CoPilot and other bike brands owned by Vista Outdoor, one of America’s largest ammunition makers. This $3bn company is also a corporate supporter of the gun lobby’s mouthpiece, the National Rifle Association, he said.

“The same company that manufactures your CoPilot rear-rack child bicycle safety seat also produces the SavageArms MSR 15 Patrol assault rife,” tweeted Naparstek last night.

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If you bought a cute little Copilot trailer to ferry your kid around town with your bike, we’ve got some bad news: Your purchase supported the gun industry.

Same goes if you paid for a Bell or Giro brand bike helmet, or a Razkulls child helmet or Camelbak water bottle. All of those bike brands are properties of Vista Outdoor, which is also the largest ammunition manufacturer in America and the maker of the MSR15, an AR15-style assault rifle.

The company is very politically active in the gun lobby, with strong ties to the NRA and its lesser-known but powerful industry cousin, the NSSF.

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4 thoughts on “BikeBiz and Denver Streetsblog report, “When You Buy These Bike Brands, You’re Supporting Gun Manufacturers”

  1. ‪Lenin would be proud of you useful idiots. And I’m supposed to turn my gun in and depend on the FBI and local law enforcement for mine and my family’s safety? No thanks. I’m the 1st responder – they are 2nd at best. No, instead I’ll keep my guns in good order and practice w/them. ‬

    1. They presented information, nothing more and you go off on some tin foil hat theory that people are telling you to turn in your guns?

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