Part-time Sales and Cycling Tour Guide: Cycle of Life Adventures

The Sales Representative and Tour Guide is a part-time and seasonal position. These two positions will be filled by one individual capable and willing to multitask in sales and provide tour leadership on several regional tours per year.

Sales representative will manage customer lead data base, communication and interaction both by phone and email with potential customers, provide complete tour information, and resolve issues. Representative must be willing to generate leads from within their local area and communicate to travel agents, cycling clubs and bicycle related industries in order to develop higher commissioned sales. They will also be responsible for fulfilling invoices for guests whom they register. Approximate time in sales per week is 12 hours. Compensation will be based on a monthly retainer for the first 6 months plus a sales commission based on lead generation.

The Tour guiding will realistically be 2-4 times per year and is required to understand the daily operations of a tour. Tour guiding salary will be based on a daily rate plus travel time to the tour destination. One yearly training class will be expected for the guide.

Job Responsibilities:
• Represent Cycle of Life Adventures in a positive and professional manner
• Answer tour and service questions through the website, emails and calls
• Facilitate refunds and exchanges
• Create invoicing for new customers
• Answer questions about customer accounts and discounts program
• Collaborate with owners including weekly meetings via conference call
• Fulfill weekly lead generations lists

Guide 2-4 bicycle tours per year in 2019 and possibly more if desired. 
Candidate must be willing to commute a minimum of 2 times yearly to a tour destination and sales or expo meeting.

• Cycling experience a must
• Excellent Customer Service and communication skills
• Tour knowledge
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office products, Live chat and Social Media
• Problem solving skills
• Ability to multitask

Guide Qualifications-maintain first aid certification or wilderness training, maintain an unblemished driving record, food service skills are desirable but not required. Individual must be able to lift bicycle to a roof to rack and be able to comfortably lift 40 lbs up a flight of stairs

Location: Position is based from an individual’s home location. This is an ideal position for someone semi- retired or in an existing bicycle or travel related industry. All candidates will be asked to sign a non- compete and non-disclosure agreement.

Direct resume to Elli Sias at
Owner | Director of Sales and Marketing- Cycle of Life Adventures


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