• Bike to AFTER Work

    Submitted by 303cycling on June 20th, 2016

    By Lauren Greenfield

    Biking to Work on June 22?

    Don’t just bike TO work – bike HOME via the many Niwot/Longmont Bike Parties!

    About 13 years ago, eager to encourage those who ride bike to work on Bike to Work Day to ride HOME as well, I contacted a few of the local breweries in Longmont asking for their support on this very special day. They all (two, at that time) were very encouraging, offering a FREE PINT of beer to those who ride to their establishments that afternoon with a helmet.

    13 years and about a gazillion breweries later, that tradition continues… Read more

    • Wednesday Bike to Work Day: Creative Commuting Tips

      Submitted by 303cycling on June 19th, 2016

      June 22 – Bike to Work Day in Colorado

      By Lauren Greenfield

      Are you wanting to try the ride, but not sure where to start? Here are a few tips:

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      • 2016 Bike to Work Day – Resources

        Submitted by 303cycling on June 13th, 2016

        June is Colorado Bike Month and every year areas around the state are continuing to grow this effort from a day of biking to a week of biking all the way to an entire month dedicated to getting you out of your cars and onto a bike!export-attempts Read more

        • 303Commuter: Bike Commuting – Getting Started

          Submitted by 303cycling on June 13th, 2016

          As we celebrate Colorado Bike Month, 303 is dedicated to providing valuable tips, resources and advice to help you hit the commute safely and well-prepared.

          By 303 Ambassador Erin Trail

          I recently started working downtown, which involves a 30 mile one-way commute, usually by bus or light rail. I’m really happy to have these great commuting options, but I was also lamenting a loss of time spent not commuting: loss of freedom, time to train, time to do what I want. I perked up though when I realized that Denver has GREAT bike lanes and a fantastic trail system. I mapped it out… Read more

          • Cycle For Hope

            Submitted by 303cycling on June 9th, 2016

            Blue Sky Bridge is having a ride your bike and raise money month. It started June 1 but these things are kind of like flossing and eating right; it’s never too late to start. Blue Sky Bridge acts as a soft place to land for kids who have been abused. It’s a place for kids to tell their story one time. Not over and over and over again only to relive the horror of the story …

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            • Primal Bike Expo: Commuting!

              Submitted by 303cycling on May 11th, 2016

              As part of the Primal Colorado Bike Expo, the 303 Women’s Event Series offers this special feature on Commuting – everything you need to know, from gear to clothing to navigating traffic and weather… including stories of the toughest days out there.

              Come hear our panel of expert commuting women talk about how to incorporate cycling into your everyday transportation – even with kids. And don’t miss your chance to win … Read more

              • Denver’s 14th Street to get protected bike lane

                Submitted by 303cycling on May 10th, 2016

                From The Denver Post

                Project should take a couple months this summer to enhance existing bike lane.

                Denver soon will be a little more bicycle friendly with protected bike lanes on 14th Street that should be complete by fall. Read more

                • Friday Fun: Katie Macarelli is the very definition

                  Submitted by 303cycling on March 25th, 2016

                  From Bicycle Colorado

                  ‘A lifestyle I truly believe in’: member spotlight on Katie Macarelli

                  I’ve been blown off roads, I’ve been chased by cars and dogs. I’ve had lovely conversations with construction workers. I’ve high-fived the UPS guy getting out of his van. I’ve cleaned up blood from myself and my kids. I’ve been lost. I’ve cried on the bike. I’ve whooped for my daughters as they led me to the grocery store, following all the rules of the road… Read more