Longmont Bike Lane Trail Project

Improving and expanding Longmont’s bicycle network is an important and ongoing effort guided by the City’s Envision Longmont Multimodal & Comprehensive Plan. As part of that effort, the City of Longmont is utilizing routine street re-striping work to test ways of creating new bicycle facilities on existing streets.


  • Allow bicycle users of different abilities to explore what bike lane treatments they prefer
  • Test treatments in the field for bicyclists, drivers and City maintenance crews
  • Collect feedback from residents about their experiences traveling in the test areas

Give Your Feedback

Riders of all cycling comfort and ability levels are encouraged to try out the different bike lane facility styles and share feedback. Motorists are also encouraged to check out the test areas and offer feedback.

Bicyclist Feedback Form

Motorist Feedback Form

City maintenance crews also will be providing feedback on the ease or difficulty of performing tasks with the various treatment options.


Styles of Bike Lane Facilities

Several different bike lane facility styles exist, but not all styles are feasible for all streets. Each street segment and the treatment identified for it had to fit specific feasibility criteria. Retrofitting bicycle facilities into existing streets requires evaluating space available, traffic travel speeds, maintenance operations (such as snow removal, street sweeping, etc.) and connectivity to the greater Longmont bicycle network.


Complete map of the program and further explanation here

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