What is Coeur’s Collective Beat Women’s Triathlon Club About?

By Bill Plock

Just in time for Valentines day, the day of the heart, or in French, “Coeur”, Coeur Sports, makers of top notch triathlon and cycling gear and arguably pioneers in women specific gear and triathlon camaraderie for women is seeking members for “The Collective Beat.”

After Kona Party

The Collective Beat (CB) is a club open to any woman, anywhere. The Collective Beat triathlon club is a diverse group of supportive and encouraging women. It is a community of ladies that worship sweat, fun, support and power in numbers. Our experience ranges from “newbies” to Kona age group world champions. Any age, any ability are welcome from recent college graduates and grandmothers.

Says CB member Debra L. of Florida, “This is my 4th year as a Collective Beat Member. It is the best team I have been with. The culture of this team is a special community. You will always find a supportive voice, information you need on any questions and teammates that are always looking to connect with you. As long as I continue in triathlon, The Collective Beat will be a part of my training plan.”

Membership comes with some great Coeur swag and clothing, discounts and training plans from Hardcoeur Coaching. Also as a member you will have access to Zwift rides for members led by Hardcoeur Coaches and other virtual meet up opportunities. Hardcoeur Coaching was started by professional triathlete and long-time Coeur sponsored athlete, Jess Smith.  HCC is a group of top level triathletes /Coeur Ambassadors.

Says owner and designer of Coeur Sports, Kebby Holden, “If you are going to buy one triathlon kit this year, it is a no-brainer to make it the TCB. For the cost of ONE KIT, you get training plans, meet ups, Coeur Velo Club workouts and first dibs and discounts on Coeur and our amazing sponsors. It is simply THE BEST tri club.”  

Members are likely to find meet ups of the Collective Beat at various triathlons across the country. They have partnered with many brands to offer exclusive discounts including; Argon 18 bikes, ENVE wheels, Skratch Labs, Zealios Skin Care, Nuzzle, Inside Tracker, Roka, Zone 3

Listed below are the benefits of the club. To learn more or apply click here:  https://www.coeursports.com/products/join-the-collective-beat

  • A $125 apparel allowance for use on any Coeur Sports products including exclusive Collective Beat apparel
  • A Welcome Pack including a t-shirt, swim cap, water bottle and hat worth over $80
  • An unlimited use 20% discount off of all Coeur Sports products PLUS deeper discounts during public sales (typically 30-40% off)
  • Exclusive first dibs on Coeur gear, sales and giveaways
  • Exclusive access to a member’s only Facebook group
  • A $150 credit to be used for women’s specific training plans from Hardcoeur Coaching
  • Discounts on our Velo Club and upcoming Coeur Sports training 
  • Raffles from our amazing sponsors


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  1. Erin

    if only you would provide similar articles for local not-for-profit cycling and triathlon clubs as you did for this California based for profit company who likely paid you to write this article….


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