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Welcome to Episode #424 of the 303 Endurance Podcast. We’re your hosts Coach Rich Soares and 303 Chief Editor, Bill Plock. Thanks for joining us for another week of endurance news, coaching tips and discussion.


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In Today’s Show

  • Question of the Week – Who is your favorite race sherpa and why?
  • Cycling News/Updates – Rum Runner Tour; Mark Cavendish still competing in 2024
  • Triathlon News/Updates – 70.3 World Champs for 2025; PTO Las Vegas Open
  • Coaching Tip of the Week – Gear Check


Question of the Week: “What is your best race sherpa pro tip?

 If you have been a sherpa and have a brag tip, we want to hear about it? If you know a pro sherpa and want to recognize them, tell us what they did for you? It can be your early Valentine’s gift for your spouse or significant other if they have a signature sherpa skill.


303Cycling News and Updates:

Mark Cavendish lays the foundations for 2024 success at Colombian altitude camp


303Triathlon News and Updates:

2024 PTO Tour Heads To Fabulous Lake Las Vegas

Marbella, Spain selected as Host for The 2025 VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Triathlon


Coaching Tip of the Week:

I just listened to the Cycling in Alignment with coach Colby Pearce in Boulder on Feet, Power and Racing. One of his points was on the topic of foot alignment and the problems with having worn out cleats and/or cycling shoes. He recommends replacing bike cleats once per season or as often as they fail his testing protocol for determining if they are worn to the point of needing replacement.


This is a great reminder to do a Pre-Season Gear Check before the training really ramps up. Here are 10 things you can check, tune or replace as needed.


  1. Bike cleats – listen to Cycling in Alignment Pod
  2. Running shoes – gait analysis
  3. Wetsuit – what race conditions; how varied
  4. Brake pads or disk wear – check lock screw
  5. Chain ring and cassette wear – look for shark fins
  6. Tire wear – cuts
  7. Rim tape
  8. Power meter batteries
  9. HR strap batteries
  10. Bike tune-up and servicing

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