Seeking Cyclist Who Fled Scene on Boulder Diagonal after Hitting Another Cyclist Leaving Him Seriously Injured.

Long time cycling journalist and Boulder resident Bruce Hildenbrand was struck by another cyclist as he was standing on the side of the shoulder on the Boulder Diagonal on September 20th. Bruce had stopped to make some adjustments and a cyclists, who apparently didn’t see Bruce ran right into him and fled the scene.

“I remember telling this guy to get his bike off of me after I was hit, but then I was in so much pain I didn’t pay attention to what happened to him.” said Bruce Hildenbrand. Police and emergency personnel arrived and Bruce was taken by ambulance to the hospital and spent four days there with several broken bones.

Bruce continued saying, “I was riding my bike southbound on the Diagonal Highway about 1:30 pm just north of the intersection with Highway 52 at the IBM facility. I stopped on the right edge of the shoulder,  and about a minute later I was struck by another cyclist. I sustained injuries that required surgery and a four day stay in the hospital. Unfortunately, the cyclist who hit me did not stay at the scene to provide his contact information nor did the police or fire department personnel who responded to the call ask anyone at the scene for their information.”

If you can provide any information about this incident it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Josh Maximon at or 303-991-3344.

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