Advocacy Alert from Bicycle Colorado

State Transportation Funding Legislation Dumps Multi-Modal


Good news! Colorado is getting serious about funding transportation projects. Bad news… If your elected officials don’t hear from you, this funding may be allocated exclusively toward increasing capacity for cars instead of expanding safe mobility options including bikes.

That’s why we need YOU to contact your state legislators today and tell them that unless there is dedicated funding for multimodal and active transportation projects, they aren’t serving all Coloradans.

Let your legislators know your want to prioritize people, click here to earn how.

The unexpected state budget surplus from 2017 has elected officials debating how much funding will go to transportation and how those funds will be spent. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has a $6 billion dollar project backlog, the lion-share of which is for expanding interstates. Unless the state legislature specifically designates funding for local and active transportation projects, the budget surplus for transportation will be spent at CDOT’s discretion. And where do you think it will go?

BikeDenver supports our state advocacy group Bicycle Colorado on state level issues to ensure all bike riders in Denver have access to safe and convenient active transportation options. We support their policy team who track initiatives at the State Capitol to take action to make sure our elected officials understand that our transportation system needs to move people, not just cars.

But your voice is the most important of all. We want to make it easy for you to contact your state legislators and let them know that funding transportation in Colorado must include dedicated funds for local and multimodal projects. Please take a few meaningful and impactful minutes to send your legislators a letter and let them know you want them to prioritize people.

Click here on Bicycle Colorado’s website to learn more about the current State funding initiatives that impact all of us here in Denver.

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