Mud, Ice and Broken Chains in KC

Ahhh, back in Missoura! While its been over 10 years since living in the Show Me state but some how everything seems soo familiar like having ice storms, something I haven’t seen yet in Boulder but felt so normal to me in KC.



Enough of dreaming of my redneck days, on to the races…
Huge field for the 30-39 B’s race and I know that for a fact because I was the LAST PERSON CALLED TO THE LINE. Oh well, it can only get better when starting at the back, right?

Gun went off and snap, guy two places in front of me breaks is chain…. damn, that is worse the wrecking sometimes… The field is weak, instantly I am moving up through the field and before we even hit the grass (huh I mean mud) I moved up 20 places. In the grass it becomes very clear to me that riding on the ice is faster than riding on the mud and in the next few minutes I blast by another 20… then another 20….until I learn that ice may be fast but is also slick and I’m down. Quick check and I’m back up picking off riders as I pass through the finishing area I see my aunt and uncle whom I haven’t seen for probably 8 years cheering me on!!! How cool is that!

By the final lap I have settled into my position but am trying like hell to catch Rob from Pro Peloton in Boulder but he holds me off letting me get 18th. Not back from starting at the back

Now I’m in Columbia Mo, about 2 hours from KC and will probably head back to KC in a few hours because another big storm is heading our way so I’ll get a head start and spend the night in KC waiting for Saturdays race…

race1 race2

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