Boulder Valley Velodrome set to shutter

Steve Maxwell, VeloNews,

The owners of the Boulder Valley Velodrome have quietly announced that the facility is likely to close at the end of this year. Despite being internationally recognized as a one-of-a-kind high-altitude, 250 meter venue, it appears that the “Field of Dreams”vision of owners Frank Banta and Doug Emerson is about to come to an end.

As VeloNews reported a year ago, the Velodrome had to suffer through a number of natural disasters in the course of its construction, including a 500-year flood and a rare Colorado tornado, creating unexpected financial burdens on the owners from the very beginning. Although the facility has been up and running successfully now for several years, those financial strains created during the construction period forced the owners to put the facility up for sale for the last year. And despite several interested lookers, no one stepped up to acquire and maintain the velodrome.

The popular facility has supported not only a wealth of local track enthusiasts during its five-year run. It has also provided a training home for several world champion track racers, and numerous national track teams, including the Dutch, Canadian and Australians Olympic teams.

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  1. Board track racing electric style. Bring in manufacturers, Have classes like “Wheel kit”, “BB Motor” “Front wheel drive”, etc. Some snax and beer. Maybe a little live music between race classes.

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