Meet Coeur Sports and How Their Vision Shapes Their Clothing

Coeur has always been about passion and movement. We have worked with Coeur for years, mostly around Kona and supporting their team of ambassadors with many of them living in Colorado. Kebby Holden, co-founder is on the board of IT COULD BE  ME and has close ties to Triny Willerton. 

Over the years their clothing has expanded and always includes the lasted styles and trends. During black Friday next week, there entire site will be 40% off.  lots of fun style, including some men’s clothing as well.

Describe the culture of Coeur and how its reflected in the products.Coeur was born from a spirit of creative solution finding. We always knew there was a way to make gear that actually fit women and didn’t chafe and still have it look really good. We liketo keep that problem solving mindset in our culture – both in developing new clothes as well as in our community and advocacy work.

How big is your team and is it still only women? What is the mission of the team.

We actually have two teams. Our team of brand ambassadors and our Collective Beat community. There are about 100 women on the former and about 400 on the latter. The brand ambassadors are selected each year and are almost all women but we do have one very special male ambassador who we fondly call #andScott. We were always starting our communications with “Hello Ladies….And Scott” and it morphed into its own hashtag. Scott races for his girlfriend, Lectie Altman who is an ambassador and top Ironman age-grouper who was severely injured after being hit by a car during a training ride a few years ago.

The mission of the team is not just to promote Coeur clothing, although we obviously think we have the most comfortable gear in the market, but also to inspire and support others in getting into endurance sports.  Our ambassadors are tasked with hosting an event each year where they impact and reach out to their local tri community. The are also encouraged to always be helpful and supportive at races or training sessions so others feel more comfortable.

The Collective Beat team is a community focused group and anyone can join.They receive a lot of the same perks as our brand ambassadors (Coeur and sponsor discounts, first dibs on new gear and sales) but they don’t have to have a broad social media reach or host any events. It’s more of just a super fun, super supportive place for us ladies to come together.

Why is building a community so important to your company and brand? 

This sport changed my life and as much as I am proud of my athletic accomplishments in triathlon, the best part about the sport has always been the friends I’ve made through it. So the community and the whole YES YOU CAN attitude and encouragement is amazing. I wanted to help create more of that through our teams so others can share in that mindset and comradarie.

What do you think makes your clothing stand out for other brands? 

I will unequivicaly say our design and comfort. A lot of other brands use stock garments from a larger manufacturer and just put their artwork on those pieces. At Coeur, we create the shape of each panel of each garment based on function and comfort. A perfect example of this is our game changing tri chamois…our, ahem, #noangrykitty chamois. It is a  truly seamless pad that prevents discomfort in the saddle. Other brands don’t have that ability to create something new when they just use other stock jerseys and shorts. Coeur’s ability to create new patterns goes back to what I was saying at the beginning that Coeur was born out of problem solving. We wanted to fix and improve tri and cycle clothing, not just make pretty clothes.

It looks like you have expanded far beyond triathlon and also include mens clothing as well. In a general sense how are you keeping the vision of Coeur as the line expands? 

Well, the men’s line came about because we had so many guys asking us to make a men’s version of our tri shorts because they wanted the seamless chamois. And for our custom teams so they didn’t have to go to one provider for women’s gear and another for men’s. So these expansions in the line actually go back to our original solution finding mindset… just for a wider audience.

What did you learn about your company during Covid,, especially without events? 

That the need to be together was still alive and well despite being alone at home. And that endurance athletes are such junkies that they are going to keep training even if there is a quarantine. We took those two things, put them together, and created our Coeur Velo Club. We have about 100 members that ride with us for solid workouts 3 times a week both on Zwift and on Zoom so we get that personal interaction.

With rising popularity of Zwift and indoor training, do you make any specific products for that? 

Our tri shorts are purrrrrfect for indoor training, whether you are a hardcore cyclist or a Soul Cycle devotee. The seamless chamois is thin enough to not feel like a diaper especially if  you are going to do yoga or strength after your ride or aren’t used to a big old chamois in your shorts!

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