Getting Parents to Ride to School with Their Kids

I need your help. I’m on a team at my son’s elementary school at Heatherwood Elementary and our goal is to find ways to get more kids (parents) to ride to school for a week in late April. I say parents because I my opinion it is the parents that put up the road blocks to having their kids ride to school… to dangerous Joey, to far Sarah, Sorry Fred but we are running late, it takes to much time….

We will be giving away food to the parents (looking for donations) and prizes to the kids (more donations still seeking), to help encourage them but I’m not sure some parents will budge even at that.

I reviewed the results of a recent survey done asking parents whey they don’t ride more to school with their child and I was SHOCKED to see that the number 1 reason was crossing 75th street (between Jay and Lookout). I’ve hung out at a few cross walks recently on that road and do not feel that the road is dangerous for PARENTS with children to cross but might be if Joey, the 3rd grader, was alone.

So, many questions here…
1. Parents say the road is dangerous, and I assume it is because THEY choose NOT to ride with their children, how do I encourage them to ride with them?

2. Maybe parents think cycling themselves across 75th is dangerous, how can they feel safer?

3. What carrot will it take to get them to ride in with their Children in that week in late April? Do I focus on things to give the parents that might be cool OR get cool things for the kids to “pull” their parents out the door with them.

4. Bottom line, how do you get kids to ride to school more?

Lots of questions and I greatly appreciate your feedback!

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