Golden Giddyup is Back on Track

The Golden Giddyup all set for 2018 in Lions Park



Last you heard from us, we were having some challenging discussions with the City of Golden about our 2018 location. The challenge — in a nutshell — is while the city is working to manage the heavy use that Lions Park sees all year, we’re trying to throw a party to celebrate our town, our trails, and our volunteers. They felt there were other spots that would meet our needs, we felt those locations took too much away from our event.

Today, we have great news. Following productive meetings with the city and the Lions Park neighbors, we’re excited to announce that the Golden Giddyup will be in Lions Park once again this year. So, mark your calendars for September 16 and stay tuned for registration details. In the meantime, we’ll be working closely with our neighbors to minimize our impact and be the best partners we can be.

For everyone that reached out to the city, thank you. We would appreciate you taking a moment to do it again, this time to say thanks to City Manager Jason Slowinski ( and cc Steve Glueck ( It was quite the process. Everyone involved is working to serve our town the best way they know how and in the end, we’ve come together for our town and for a great celebration!
Giddy. Up.

Ben, Al, and Mike

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