Golden City Manager has denied request to hold Giddyup in Lions Park

Golden Giddyup organizers ask for cycling community support:

Giddyup Family,
We were surprised and very disappointed to have recently learned that the Golden City Manager has denied our request to hold this year’s Giddyup in Lions Park, the only designated “Community Park” in the entire city.

As you all know, we started this organization to honor and support the mountain biking community. When Golden’s city managers are unwilling to support our efforts, we have to stop and assess whether we’re willing to fight the town leadership to give back.

Despite receiving the support of the Parks and Rec Advisory Board to continue the event in the park, receiving the Mayors Award for Excellence, and countless messages of support and other accolades for the thousands of volunteer hours you all have generated, we are now being asked to move the event out of the heart of Golden, out of town.

We know many of you have been awaiting a date for the event. After being denied the opportunity to host our event in the heart of the town it’s named for, we are reviewing our options for how the Giddyup will continue forward. We lead this organization in our spare time. Raising sponsorship support, organizing the race, and coordinating hundreds of volunteers is no small task, but it is one that we cherish. Please bear with us as we figure out how to clear this latest hurdle.

If you wish to send a message to the City of Golden, you can email the City Manager, Jason Slowinski ( and cc Steve Glueck ( and Diane Tiberi ( Please keep your messages polite, but let them know how much the Giddyup means to you, and to the City of Golden.

Please stay tuned for next steps.

Ben, Al, and Mike

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