Friday Fave: Bike Comp App Review

By Kirsten Smith

I have been using the Bike Comp app the past couple weeks and love it. I ride by myself about 99% of the time. I typically don’t have any issues, but 5 years ago, I crashed and broke my collar bone. It was the one time that month I was riding with someone…luckily!!!! If I wasn’t, I don’t know what I would have done! I had to take a ride from a stranger to the ER which could have been a disaster.

With a live tracking app like Bike Comp, I could avoid the fear of riding alone as my whereabouts would be trackable to all 5,000 of my Facebook friends! This is very comforting and makes me feel much safer cycling alone, which is how I prefer to train!

My favorite features are:

  1. Live tracking. I bike mostly alone and my boyfriend and Mom are always saying how much they worry about me. With this app they can keep track of exactly where I am at all times.
  2. Elevation. The app shows my elevation at all time. It’s something I don’t keep track of but is fun to look at out of curiosity!
  3. Temperature. It shows the current temperature to help me decide how to dress for my ride.
  4. Simplicity. The app is very user friendly and simple to use and read.
  5. It easily connected with my phone’s GPS.
  6. It connects directly with Facebook for easy tracking, sharing, and connecting.

There were only a couple things I didn’t like about the app:

  1. You can only access many of the features when you are online. I do some of my rides while listening to conference calls for my businesses, so the temperature, tracking, and syncing don’t work while I am on a call.
  2. Personally I am not in the habit of using an app when I ride so I always forget to open it and start it.

I usually don’t bike outside in the winter, but decided to try cyclocross this year so I’ll be biking outside 1-2 times each week so I will continue to use the app to make it more of a habit.

I deleted the other apps I have used in the past because I do like Bike Comp better than any of the other cycling apps I have tried.

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