Colorado shop featured in BRAIN’s Retail Remodel Project to close

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This is the lesson for all business owners: Engagement levels are directly correlated to revenues and profitability

LONGMONT, Colo. (BRAIN) — Bike-n-Hike, a Trek dealer in this Front Range city, will close its doors after 44 years in business. Current owners Rick and Jill Emerson bought the shop in 2007 from its second owner, Dave Swenson.

Last week Longmont’s TimesCall reported that the shop was slated to close mid-March. In the article, Rick Emerson said he “just didn’t want to do it anymore.”

Bicycle Retailer’s attempts to reach the Emersons for more information about the closure were unsuccessful.

Bike-n-Hike was selected in 2016 for BRAIN’s Retail Remodel Project. In the February 2016 remodel, the store was updated with an improved layout, paint, wall treatments, fixtures and merchandising. Giro, 3 Dots Design, Merchandising Werx and Bicycle Shop Kits sponsored the project. Bike-n-Hike was the second retailer to receive a makeover after Now Bikes & Fitness in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2015.

As part of Retail Remodel Project, retailers receive help from Gregg Frederick, owner of retail consulting firm G3 Development Group. G3 measures a remodel’s success by analyzing financials, setting goals and monitoring sales by category. Frederick said the Emersons expressed concern for their business during an interview conducted at the time of the remodel.

“They clearly identified they were 3-6 months away from going out of business. I took that as an opportunity to coach them through the transition and how to use the newly remodeled store to give them the energy that seemed to be lacking in the interview, but to also attract new customers and the next level of employees, which is typical when a retailer remodels,” said Frederick.

“Unfortunately, if the owners are disengaged with the business, it becomes extremely difficult to attract top talent and therefore enthusiastic customers. This is the lesson for all business owners: Engagement levels are directly correlated to revenues and profitability,” he added…

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