Colorado Multisport Brings Boulder Talent Together

groupBy Marty Rosenthal
On Thursday 7th, Michael Stone and the crew at Colorado Multi Sport opened their doors and hosted another Performance Series discussion. This time is was all about THE BIKE. There was a panel discussion with predetermined questions followed by a Q & A period. The panel was diverse as it included Tyler Butterfield, Cam Dye, Eric Kenney, Neal Henderson, and Ryan Ignatz. These guys were a great representation of Coaches, Professionals, Enthusiasts, Mechanics and Long and short distance racers. Although looking at the bike from different angles and needs there was a definite consistency in many of their answers that held the attention of the 35+ or so attendees.
Stories shared of accomplishments, mixing biking and family life, being a pro, tips for maintenance as well as tales of being caught out in a storm and completely covered with saran wrap were shared. For the maintenance side of things it was unanimous that a little maintenance for your bike goes a very long way. Many folks are intimidated by picking up a hex wrench or messing with cables on a bike but a simple thing like washing your bike was emphasized. Also attending a session at a local bike shop or hopping on social media to pick up pointers. The more you can learn about your bike, the better success you’ll likely have. Inherently your bike should be quiet and the simple drop test can do wonders to knowing if things are in order or not.
CMS panel2When it comes to exercises to be a better biker and stay injury free, the panel pretty much echoed one another with Leg Press, Squats, deadlift, hip openers and glute activators. The panel also all agreed on what to spend your money on. We all have a different number to spend but where is the best bang for your buck with biking………..getting a coach was the number one answer by all on the panel, followed closely with getting a correct bike fit and making sure all contact points are comfortable ie: Shoes & Saddle. Power meter and a good set of tires rounded out the response.
Whether you were a professional in attendance with 20+ years of biking experience or a newbie outfitting your Schwinn for your first ever sprint race this spring all in attendance took some valuable pieces of information home with them. Some nice SWAG was also given as Colorado Multi Sport gave away some nice prizes to add to the festivities of the night. Thanks again to CMS for putting together such an event for our community and to the distinguished panel for giving their time to share stories and experiences.
More events in the series:
Run – April 21st
Nutrition and Hydration – May 12th
Strength and Injury Prevention – May 26th

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