Allysa Seely

This week we have return guest, professional triathlete and 2 time gold medalist, Allysa Seely.  She won gold at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and against all health odds made it back to the Paralympic team in the Tokyo Paralympics a couple of months ago.  She shares her incredible tale how she even got to the 2021 games after spending three months in a hospital at the beginning of 2021.


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In Today’s Show

  • Interview with Allysa Seeley
  • Endurance News
    • Oceanside 70.3 Results
  • What’s new in the 303
    • Veloswap on Saturday
    • Cross of the North
    • Outdoor Industry Night
    • Cyclocross Westmnister
  • Video of the Week


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Interview with Allysa Seely

Allysa Seely became involved in triathlon as a New Year’s tradition to try something she had never done before. She learned about triathlon and signed up for her first race a few weeks later. Seely was a member of the Arizona State University collegiate club triathlon team and a nationally ranked triathlete before her diagnosis. In 2010, Seely was diagnosed with Chiari II Malformation, basilar invagination, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which affect her brain, spine, and connective tissues.


After her first surgery, she was back to competing seven weeks later at the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships with ASU. She made her debut as an elite paratriathlete in 2012, earning bronze at the ITU Paratriathlon World Championships that year. Then in 2013, Seely had her left leg amputated below the knee due to complications and increased spasticity in her foot. That would move her into a new paratriathlon category — but she continued to thrive, winning five gold medals on the elite ITU circuit in 2014. She earned her first two world championship titles in 2015 and 2016.


At the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Seely made history by winning a gold medal in paratriathlon’s debut as a Paralympic medal event. She also competed in track & field at the Rio Games, placing sixth in the 200m. That same year, she was a featured athlete in ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue. Seely has been dominant in the women’s PTS2 division since Rio, earning silver at the 2017 World Championships and winning her third career world title in 2018 after an undefeated 2018 elite season. In July of 2019, Seely won an ESPY for Best Female Athlete with a Disability. She faced significant health challenges in late 2020 and early 2021, spending several months in the hospital with endocarditis, severe inflammation of the heart. She returned to full-time training in the spring, regaining her fitness in time to earn a silver medal at the Americas Triathlon Para Championships June 27 in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, a key selection event for the Tokyo Games.


She says her biggest inspiration in life is her grandma for pushing her to be a better athlete and human and to make the world around her better. She also credits her service dog Mowgli as being a great training and life partner. When she travels for competitions, Seely collects postcards and mini silver spoons from each location. Her favorite spoon is a hand-painted ceramic spoon from Estonia, and some of her favorite places that she has traveled to are Northern Ireland and Poland. She says her name is spelled “Allysa” because of a misspelling on her birth certificate, and of her biggest talents outside of triathlon is creating DIY projects.



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Endurance News:


IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside

Pro Men Results

Pro Womens Results

This is the only 70.3 that Mike Reilly calls.


What’s New in the 303:


Blue Competition Cycles, Good Value on Bikes for Sale at Velo Swap Saturday

The annual VeloSwap Expo offers a wide variety of cycling accessories, clothing, parts and bikes. Blue Competition Cycles, a bicycle manufacturer based in Lafayette has some new and very slightly used (demos) for sale and available in their booth. Here is a list.


Cross of the North – Nov 6th-7th

Looking for a little cycle cross action up North? Registration is open! Join for a few new twists and turns on the New Belgium Brewing course, then grab a beer and stick around for Larry Grossman on the mic.


Outdoor Industry Night Tuesday Nov. 9th

Monthly Outdoor Industry Social at The Tune Up at Full Cycle, to network with local outdoor industry professionals!

The social is meant to be a time to network and meet new people who work (or want to work) in the outdoor industry, while enjoying Happy Hour drinks all night at The Tune Up.

– Company Pitches

– Meet & Greet

– Guest Speakers

– Happy Hour drinks


CYCLO-X Westminster – Nov 13th

As the weather grows colder the action heads to Westminster City Park with 1.5 points on the line.  Our course designer has been hard at work crafting some creative variations to one the most flowing courses in the series!  Get ready for new lines, descents that make you feel like a little kid on a roller coaster again, and of course the grand stair case!


2022 Grand Traverse Triple Crown Registration Open

With the addition of the Run and the Bike in 2015, it became possible for competitors to do all three events.  That year, the Grand Traverse Triple Crown Competition was born when a handful of athletes Skied, Ran, and Biked between Crested Butte and Aspen for the fastest cumulative time. With its legacy firmly planted as the toughest point-to-point ski race in North America, the GT Triple Crown defines a new generation of mountain sports competition.


Upcoming Guests

Annie Hughes has won every ultramarathon she has raced this year.  She’s 23 years old and won Collegiate Peaks 50, Leadville 100 (youngest to ever win) and Moab 240.


Video Of The Week

1st place Oceanside 70.3 || Race Recap



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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!

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