Friday Fun: Katie Macarelli is the very definition

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‘A lifestyle I truly believe in’: member spotlight on Katie Macarelli

This month our spotlight is on multitalented member Katie Macarelli: commuter, mom, cyclocross racer, Colorado native, Feedback Sports marketing whiz and former Bicycle Colorado educator extraordinaire.

Getting hooked on riding (and becoming a cyclocross cowgirl)

When did you get hooked on riding?
One summer day my sister and I wanted to go to the pool. Our mom told us if we wanted to go, we could ride our bikes. It took at least three hours. When we finally arrived, dehydrated and very sunburned, the pool was closing. The lifeguards took pity and stayed open 15 more minutes—small town kindness, I guess! Despite my sunburn, I realized that on a bike I could get somewhere ALL. BY. MYSELF. I loved that!

Fast forward to now: what’s your favorite race or ride?
I’m a huge fan of cyclocross, and there’s a race called Mile High Urban CX Chaos (MUCCY) at the Stock Show grounds. You ride in and out of the arena and the stanchions. It’s flat-out ridiculous how tricky it is. Even more amazing, it’s the only cx race that offers an adaptive course for athletes with disabilities. I am always humbled when I see adaptive athletes ride what I just whimpered over and struggled with.

Bikes as a family lifestyle

On bikes as transportation and riding with her family:
I commute most days regardless of weather—it’s only about five miles. This was very much by design. When choosing a place to live, we wanted to be close enough to walk or bike so we wouldn’t have to rely on a car. It’s as much for our children as for ourselves…

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