37 Reasons Running Is SO Much Better Than Bicycling

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Never mind what our colleagues at that bicycling magazine say, here’s why running is the real best sport.
Our colleagues over at Riding Around on a Bicycle magazine recently tossed a jab at the world’s best sport with a little article called 7 Reasons Why Cycling is Better Than Running.



We took a look, and their arguments don’t seem to hold a lot of water. They basically boil down to admitting runners are tougher, enjoying the ability to coast, and thinking those silly outfits look good (please!)

Of course, there are a lot more than seven reasons why running is actually better. Here are just a few:

  1. Your butt doesn’t hurt after a run.
  2. …plus all that sitting is terrible for you.
  3. You can actually hold stuff in your hands.
  4. And if you need to stop for a second, you don’t have to worry about toppling over because your foot is stuck to a pedal.
  5. Bad weather? Not a problem. You can run even in the rain and snow…
  6.  Top shelf running gear won’t eat your paycheck—how much does that “Look 795 Aerolight eTap” cost again?
  7. Running clothes aren’t made to be eight sizes too small.  Seriously, you have to paint that stuff on.

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