Governor Jared Polis to Sign Vulnerable road user bill 5/29, Denver Bicycle Cafe


DENVER — Governor Polis will sign Senate Bill 19-175 on Wednesday, May 29 at 11:30 a.m. at the Denver Bicycle Cafe, making Colorado’s roadways safer for vulnerable road users like bicyclists, pedestrians, peace officers, construction workers and more.

The bill was introduced in the Colorado State Senate in March. It was sponsored by Senator Mike Foote (D-17, Boulder County) and Representative Dylan Roberts (D-26, Eagle and Routt Counties).

“Making our roads safer is one of our top priorities at Bicycle Colorado, and that’s why we have been at the table for every conversation surrounding Senate Bill 175,” said Piep van Heuven, Policy Director at Bicycle Colorado. “We worked with Senator Foote and Representative Roberts to introduce the bill, and we are proud to have passed the bill through both chambers with bipartisan support. That Governor Polis is putting his name behind the bill shows Colorado’s leadership is committed to keeping everyone who uses our roads safe.”

When signed into law the act will make careless driving that seriously injures a vulnerable road user a class 1 traffic misdemeanor and violators may be subject to a restitution order and license suspension. The court may also require violators of the law to attend a driver improvement course and perform useful public service.

Drivers convicted of careless driving that causes serious bodily injury to a vulnerable road user may apply for a restricted license to drive a motor vehicle for extenuating circumstances such as driving family members to and from medical appointments at the discretion of a hearing officer.

“This bill is important to me for so many reasons. Keeping our roads safer keeps our kids safer, our families safer, it makes our communities more livable,” said Senator Foote. “When there is a crash on the roadway involving a driver and someone outside of the car, it’s the person outside the car that’s going to be worse off. Vulnerable Road Users need extra protections, and I’m proud to put my name behind that.”

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  1. Yeah, this is real stiff. Sorry there need to be more
    The more severe Class 1 Misdemeanor Traffic Offense is punishable by a sentence from ten (10) days to a maximum of one (1) year imprisonment, or by a fine of $1,000.00, or by both a fine and imprisonment

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