Breaking the Hymen of Racing—The Beti Bike Bash.

Author: Cheri Felix

This is your guide to your first race. Or perhaps the Beti Bike Bash (BBB) will just be your first race of the season. Either way, sign up start riding and show up. It will be fun! As usual you should always consult your doctor, your therapist, your clergy, your life coach and your sig other before listening to anything I say.

Ride like you want to race. So for some of you, you will be racing the Never Ever or the Beginner category. This means two laps which equals eight miles. The BBB course is not technical. It has four punchy hills. So, go find a grade that you are comfortable with and race up it for 4 miles. Or for 20 minutes. Nothing gets you in shape for a race like practicing the way you want to race.

Ride three times a week

  • One hill work out. Don’t go crazy just find something that makes you work harder than you are used to and climb until you can’t climb no more. And then do it all over again.
  • One recreational ride. Read: Doesn’t matter how fast or how technical. What matters is how fun it is.
  • One longish ride. That’s subjective. For some of us that’s 30 minutes. For others it’s two hours. Time in the saddle is time in the saddle.

Now you might be saying “Cheri that seems kind of serious for something that will be fun.” I would counter with why not make it easy on yourself? 8 miles for Never Evers and beginners will not kill you. Especially if you’ve ever given birth before or raised kids or crate trained a puppy. You’ve totally got this. But get on your bike now. It will build endurance and it reduces chances of injury. Plus there’s this whole other piece that’s pretty important; we all love riding bikes so why not do it as much as you can? So shoot for 2-3 times/week on your bike. And I know you’re busy but while I’ve got your attention take a yoga class if you can. Yoga will keep your body happy. And yoga pants are cozy and cute. Says me.

I can’t wait to see you out there at the Beti Bike Bash. Racing reminds me what I’m made of. It reminds me that I am strong and that I can do whatever I want. It reminds me that no one is the boss of me. Find your eye of the tiger and meet me out there on June 1st.

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