Putting on a Race

Does that send chills down your spine? I’ve done a lot in cycling but this is one of the most fearful items of my cycling todo’s on my list. Recently, Whitney Debroux talks of his process to get a race organized in Prospect near Longmont. He thought it might be easy but so far its not been. Then you have a different problem of promoting which is what Chris Grealish of DBCevents.com has which is cost and PR. Yes, he loves cycling but he wants to make some money. And if it isn’t cost that is getting to him it’s the PR aspect of the part of promoting, remember last year when the womens field started a boycott of the Boulder Roubaix because of the field categories?

It’s not a easy task, you have government on one side, $$$ on the other, rider complaints on another, area residents, mother nature, ACA, volunteers, insurance, etc…..

I would love to hear others peoples insight on how hard/easy putting on a race might be, maybe this will help break the ice and get more folks involved in race promoting!

Found this piece on Collegiate Events (poor result posting)

Resources for putting on a race
ACA Promoters page

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