Women’s Empowerment Ride

In April 2017, a team of ten women will set out on a four-day mountain bike ride of the White Rim Trail in Utah under the guidance of Angela Wolz. This adventure, ‘The Women’s Empowerment Ride’, seeks to boost both, the mental and physical capabilities of its participants through exposure to nature, shared stories and especially through support and encouragement.
This is a cause near and dear to Angela who, several years ago, found herself at the end of a bitter and emotional abusive relationship which had taken a severe toll on her self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. Without a support system, she turned instead to her long-time friend – her bicycle – to heal.

“All I could get myself to do was cycle. And with those endorphins, things began to change, physically and emotionally”, she says. But it took a lot of cycling. The Continental Divide from Canada to New Mexico to be exact. Two months. Just Angela and her bike.

Angela’s purpose, therefore, in organizing ‘The Women’s Empowerment Ride’, is to provide affordable and effective access to a healing source for other women who need a helping hand to face adversity in their lives and to take their power back or find it. Personal struggles that are just as debilitating as a broken bone but are often not acknowledged, perhaps even denied, because the struggle is not as visible.

The team of ten women riding the White Rim Trail this year are from a diversity of backgrounds with a variety of riding experience – the most common among them, at this point, being the LACK of experience on a mountain bike. Most don’t know how to change a bike tire, a few have never been camping and many are still looking for gear, even bicycles. And while some of the women have the means to purchase the necessary gear, others do not and would certainly be appreciative of any support our readers could give. At this point the team is looking for bicycles, helmets, riding and camping sponsorships. Financial assistance can be given, to offset the women’s costs on YouCaring https://www.youcaring.com/2017WER
(the amount just covers the women’s expenses for SAG in Moab, permits and their team kit, which they only pay cost, as we are being sponsored by the business – it doesn’t cover any gear or other expenses they might have)

If you are a woman who is facing struggles, please reach out to Angela: cyclingpower@mail.com

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  1. Charity Secord

    You ladies are incredible! I am cheering you on from Half Moon Bay, CA. I know this journey will inspire you, challenge you, show you how strong and powerful you really are. Angela, you are one awesome leader with a huge heart. So proud to know you!

  2. Angela Wolz

    Thank you Charity! 🙂


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