What’s Your Why? Rocky Mountain Cancer Masters Team

By Bill Plock


What motivates us? What causes action, or changes a behavior? Does everything we do have a purpose? Does it need to and if it does, do we even understand what it is sometimes?

These are all huge questions which at times, and for some, can be answered on a bike, especially during the heat of competition. Whether it’s competition with others or simply competing with ourselves. On a bike is a place to answer our “why”. Why we ride or race or simply enjoy the outdoors, or the camaraderie found in a group ride or on a cycling team.

If you are a parent, or if you remember your first ride, think of what a milestone it is to ride a bike for the first time. For many, cycling becomes a key part of a lifestyle, especially here in Colorado. Some go on to race bikes or compete in triathlons, or explore the world and achieve new milestones. Maybe it’s riding a century or climbing a majestic mountain like Pikes Peak.

We all know the benefits of cycling from a physical health standpoint. However if we dig a little deeper and really try to understand our motives for riding, it might be difficult pinpointing the root of why we train hard, or race, or simply push ourselves—-or not.

Racing makes us vulnerable and shows our strengths and weaknesses and challenges our “why”. The pain it takes to push through questions that motive and relying on others and our community can help ease the burden and keep us focused.

I have had the opportunity to get to know the Rocky Mountain Cancer Masters Cycling Team and in particular the team leaders Peter Lucke and Marcel Van Garderen. In listening to how the team works and how it embraces each members “why” and works together has been fascinating.


Many think of cycling as an individual sport and when you see all the podium photos of members of the Rocky Mountain Cancer Masters Team or any team, it’s easy to think that. What you don’t see is all the effort teammates gave to give the podium finisher the opportunity to be on top.

Audi Boulder, soon to officially be Audi Flatirons is a primary sponsor of the team. They have created a “What’s your Why” campaign. It features videos of the team and an exclusive interview of Peter and Marcel explaining the dynamics of the team, any team really. As the Tour De France enters it’s final stages, hearing them explain the dynamics of their team offers some insight into how these world tour teams work. Marcel’s son, TJ Van Garderen has raced the tour many times and gives Marcel a great perspective.

The idea of the campaign is to challenge you to ask and share your “why”. As road racing winds down for the summer and gives way to cyclocross season, now is a great time to understand that driving force. And with triathlon season in full swing, digging deep is the only option.

Audi Flatirons is opening a new store in Broomfield and if you ask brand ambassador Craig David why they support the cycling and triathlon community so strongly, he will tell you it’s about supporting the relationship they build with customers and being present in the activities that drive their customers “why”. It’s supporting their “why”.

Stay tuned for more excerpts and an opportunity to get involved in sharing your “Why”




Check out the What’s Your Why page HERE

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