Triple Bypass Canceled for 2020, Official Statement and News on Future

Sigh… We tried. We really did.
 We’ve lost a lot of sleep deciding the best way forward for the 2020 Triple Bypass.  Though Team Evergreen would love to host you on our epic ride through the Colorado Rockies, after careful consideration of how COVID restrictions will look in September, we decided we couldn’t give you the exceptional experience that we are known for.  And we need you to be safe.

So with that, we are officially canceling the 2020 Triple Bypass. We don’t want you to have to ride wearing a mask, eliminate the finish party fun or prevent you from giving congratulatory high-fives to your fellow participants. COVID-19 has taken the air out of the balloon for large events in 2020.  It’s a fact we can’t ignore. 

So, here we go. Your options as a Double Rider:REFUND + DEFERRAL – Join us July 10, 2021 for the Triple Bypass (120-mile Saturday ride).  A small $25 admin fee will be charged when you register. Includes refund of 85% of the difference of your second day (Sunday) ride.REFUND – You get a refund back to your credit card for the price of your full Double ride, less 20%.We are not yet certain we will be able to host the 2-day event in 2021, so we are offering deferrals to the 2021 Saturday ride only. 

Deferrals or refunds are done on your Rider Dashboard.  Your selection must be made between May 22 and June 12, 2020.  If you choose to defer, a code will be sent to you before our 2021 registration opens.

All merchandise will be refunded in full (less a 3% credit card fee). 

If you have received an insurance claim payout, don’t request a refund or deferral.  Please do not submit a chargeback to your credit card company, contact us instead.RIDER DASHBOARD
Leave a Little
This year has been absolutely bananas. No one could have predicted the havoc COVID-19 would have on our daily lives.  As the non-profit world is looking a bit grim, many of you have asked us how to help. 

Team Evergreen hosts the Triple to support community and cycling causes and has always donated the proceeds to non-profits (over $3M in the past 20 years). When you choose to do a refund or deferral, you can leave a portion with Team Evergreen.

For those that donate their entire entry fee: We’ll send you Triple Bypass socks and a baseball capThe list of generous donors will be posted on the Triple website and highlighted on social mediaIf you ride with us in 2021, you’ll also get an exclusive gold number plate to show the world your wonderful generosity. We want to continue to produce the Triple, host great rides and be a cornerstone of giving in the cycling community. We appreciate your kindness during this unfortunate and unpredictable year. What’s Next?
We have several events on the horizon that are giving us hope. In the meantime, we can ride solo, but together…virtually. Stravaaaa!:  Get with the cool kids and join us on the road, gravel or singletrack for weekly challenges. Will there be prizes? Yes.  Does it cost you anything?  Of course not.  Join the Team Evergreen Strava Club. Weekly Rides: Be sure to check the Team Evergreen calendar for the latest updates. Once we are given the go-ahead for gatherings of over 50, we will begin our group rides again. As restrictions lift…And Most Importantly
Take care of yourself.  Practice social distancing and follow the restrictions until directed otherwise.  This is important stuff.  We are more than riders, we are a community.  We’ll get through this.  Be kind, be well and stay healthy.

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