The Pony Xpress is Coming!

Have you ever heard of the Ludlow massacre? It was one of the most important events in Colorado history when miners at a mine owned by John D. Rockefeller struck in 1914 and battled the Colorado national guard resulting in dozens of deaths. This labor dispute changed the national laws that led to many practices like the 8 hour work day we take for granted today. Coal mining in Colorado once employed more than 10% of the work force and the skirmish was a major national news story. More here:

On May 20th, just outside of Trindad, in the historic and beautiful Ludlow area, now a ghost town, you will have the chance to race in the Colorado Gravel Grinder championships at the Pony Xpress Gravel 160k. The course traverses remote gravel roads with stunning views of Fisher peak , water filled creek valley’s and pine forests. The early 50 miles passes through historic mining areas ,including the site of the 1914 Ludlow massacre, credited with turning the tide of union recognition in America. Says race producer, Phil Schweizer, “this course is destined to be a top 10 American cycling event.”

Last weekend on May 6th, 70 riders rode the 100K Encierro Velo outside of Monument which is the first round in the Colorado Gravel Grinder Championships. Brian Jenson was fastest rider, Covering the 100k gravel course in 2 hr. 54min 13 sec. Sara Jarrell was first female at 3 hr. 51 min 08 sec.

Check it out on our calendar listing and the official event website.

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