Tri Club Tuesday: Great Things at BTC

BTC logo_3Boulder Tri Club, if you’ve raced in any triathlon along the front range over the past couple of years you’ve seen them, raced against them and thanked them. They are a strong presence today, but it hasn’t always been that way.
I had the opportunity to talk with Eric Kenney, Performance Director and Charles Garabedian, BTC Vice President, to learn more about what the club is all about and what lies ahead.
BTC winter303: What is Boulder Tri Club all about?
CG: BTC is a group where anyone who is interested in triathlon, on any level, is welcome. We love to have fun and throw some triathlon training in on the side.
EK: It doesn’t matter what your goals and ability level are, if you put in the effort and have fun, BTC is for you.
303: What sorts of programs do you offer that people should know about?
EK: We offer quality training programs for both 70.3 and 140.6 distance events. These training programs are designed and coached by me. A complete training program is available to any BTC member at the a cost that most athletes would pay for a single month of coaching other places.
We know that training for triathlon is time consuming. We believe in quality of training rather than quantity of training.
Also, available to members are the group training sessions. These are listed on the club calendar found on the BTC website. Although, if you check out their Facebook and Twitter pages you will find frequent invitations for additional group training opportunities.
CG: BTC was awarded a grant from IRONMAN to promote women in triathlon. Pam Schuckies, a well known and respected athlete in Boulder and long time member of BTC, will be heading up this program. In addition, Vixen Racing, a brand new elite women’s team, will be racing with and as BTC members for key races. All members of Vixxen are part of Boulder Triathlon Club through a generous donation by Sasha of Modern Prestige Real Estate.
303: Youth events?
CG: We are continually working to expand our opportunities for youth athletes. This summer we are partnering with Colorado Multisport andLifetime Tr i and will be offering a youth tri clinic. Watch for details.
303: BTC was present at a huge number of races all over the state, and world for that matter, in 2015. What were some of the highlights of the season?
CG: For the third year in a row BTC won the Without Limits Tri Series club title. We also won the club division at the Boulder 70.3 in June and placed 2nd in the club division at IM Boulder in August. We had members complete the Ottillo race in Sweden and several in the USAT National Championships in Milwaukee.
BTC lake Catamount303: What’s on the horizon for the 2016 season?
CG: BTC is planning on racing at the Lake to Lake Olympic Triathlon in Loveland on June 25th. We have a training program specific to that race. L2L is the Club National Championship race this year. We plan to win. We also plan to defend our title in the WOL tri series. In past years the money that the club wins goes to subsidize housing costs for anyone interested from the club to go to Steamboat and race the WOL Steamboat Tri at Lake Catamount. In 2015, we had 2 condo’s of folks who went. It was a great time!

IMB kayak support

IMB kayak support

These are just a few of the great things that Boulder Triathlon Club is involved in. They have been involved in the Adopt-a -Road and several members were bakers in IM Cookie Project. You see them volunteering at any number of races every weekend helping RD’s all over the state run safe and smooth events.
The club is all inclusive, inexpensive and a whole lot of fun. Check them out. They’ve got several great events coming up including a club meeting on March 31st with guest speaker Dave Scott.

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