• Why You Might Love Zwifting Too

    Submitted by Bill Plock on November 2nd, 2020

    Winter’s coming.

    Which means it’s time to pull out the cold riding gear and put away summer gear. Or is it? Well, if you race on Zwift or ride indoors, you don’t have to switch out your riding clothes. And that’s one of the many reasons why I’m a proponent of Zwift. Read more

    • Zwift Racing, Jessica McWhirt Style, Be Ready to Hammer the Start

      Submitted by Bill Plock on May 11th, 2020

      I lined up with 17 other Cat B women from my room for the USAC Zwift Race on the 6 Train Reverse route. My giant blue box fan turned to level 2 as I continued to pedal while the clock counted down. Racers chatted about Cat A’s racing the B category. I saw my teammate was already in the pend when I arrived. She messaged me, “Looks like we’re the only ones from REVO racing today.”

      The first thing you should know about Zwift racing is that it’s not like racing in real life but also, it is. I learned the hard way in my first ever Zwift race that the starts are fast. Superfast. Like, double-your-FTP-out-of-the-pen fast. Then you have to hold those watts for a minute or two depending on the field. I assumed you rolled out like you normally did in real life races. Then I chased the main pack the rest of the race never catching on. Read more

      • Zwift Racing, Jessica McWhirt’s Love/Hate Relationship

        Submitted by Bill Plock on May 2nd, 2020

        Somewhere between the false flat and the 7% grade hill, I lost the front group. It was a clear indication of one of my (many) weaknesses in racing. The hills were relentless in Zwift’s UCI Harrogate course, almost like the Superior Morgul Road Race in Colorado but without The Wall, wind, rain, course announcers, volunteers, the labored breathing of other racers, cowbells, and my family shouting at me to pedal faster up a steep hill. None of that exists in Zwift. Read more

        • Indoor Cycling, Different Types of Trainers for Your Pain Cave and Why.

          Submitted by Bill Plock on March 27th, 2020

          I have a theory. A lot of outdoor cyclists have very little knowledge about all the options now available to ride inside. Historically, they have either “ridden” at a fitness facility or they ski during the Winter as their bikes sit in the garage untouched. But now of course things have changed.

          This article serves to outline the various types of trainers and give you some basic understanding of them all and why one might be better than another for you! Read more

          • To Zwift or Not to Zwift?

            Submitted by Bill Plock on December 9th, 2019

            I have tried both and so far I find Zwift more motivating. And that is the purpose of this article. To share why I bought this trainer and why I think indoor riding is clearly growing very fast and will continue to grow.  Read more