Study: Cyclists and Triathletes Are Wired Differently

By: Susan Lacke, Triathlete Magazine

Turns out the personality clash is real.

To an outsider, there isn’t much difference between road cyclists and triathletes. After all, they both ride bikes – that basically makes them the same, right? But if you identify as one of those camps, that statement probably raises your hackles a bit: How dare you? After all, triathletes and cyclists have long given each other good-natured grief on everything, from aero bars to climbing abilities and even sock choice (or lack thereof).

But an interesting new study says this may be more than simple athletic tribalism – cyclists and triathletes really are wired differently. The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, compared the psychological profiles of cyclists and triathletes, only to discover significant differences between the two groups.

Utilizing a measurement tool known as the Psychological Characteristics Related to Sport Performance, professional and amateur athletes alike were ranked on their responses to 55 statements related to their mindset in sport, such as “When I fail, it’s hard to me to refocus on what I have to pay attention to,” or “My motivation depends on receiving recognition from others.” Each of these statements correspond with certain subscales of personality: stress control, influence of performance evaluation, motivation, and mental skills.

Interestingly, triathletes scored significantly higher than cyclists on all four subscales. 

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