Stage 1 Colorado Classic, Ft. Collins’ Whitney Allison second to Chloe Dygert-Owen

Chloe Dygert-Owen

By Jessica McWhirt…

With 96 racers representing countries from around the world, world champs, Zwift Academy winners, and Olympians, we saw an exciting Stage 1 in Steamboat Springs today.

The course provided sprinters, climbers, and all-rounders opportunities to attack, to show their grit, and to have some fun.

A number of teams attacked but it wasn’t until Emily Newsom (TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank) attacked with 40 miles to go that that had us sitting at the edge of our seats waiting to see what would happen. Rachel Langdon (Fearless Femme) soon caught up to Newsom and the two worked together until Newsom attacked for the sprint. Going too hot too soon, Langdon barreled past Newsom for the Sprint.

Ariadna Gutierrez (Swapit Agolico) made a valiant effort for the QOM. But it was Newsom that passed Langdon for the QOM, almost making it look easy as she rolled over the line by herself. Eventually, the three were swallowed by the peloton right before the gravel section.

The peloton crumbled to pieces. From the lead group, Chloé Dygert-Owen (Sho-Air Twenty20) attacked and led a solo effort over the final QOM on the route. With a solid gap, Dygert-Owen powered solo to the end.

Coming in to the last turn, it was Whitney Allison (Hagens Bergman | Supermint) at the front with an open road and 2nd place finish, followed by Brodie Chapman (TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank) for 3rd. Colorado Classic

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