Ride/Race Mt. Evans–Bob Cook Memorial July 25th, only Chance to Ride with No Cars

It’s not too late to join one of America’s most iconic rides up Mt. Evans. Join the Gran Fondo, get a jersey and a medal and ride a bit more leisurely or try racing and compete with those in your age group. Registration ends Wednesday, July 21st at noon. The ride is 28 miles and about 7,000 feet of climbing. There is a junior ride that begins at echo lake making the climb 11 miles. Click HERE to register and learn more.

This will be the only time to ride this road with no car traffic (unlike last year) and you have the option to have a bag taken to the top with warm gear for the ride down. (Click HERE for an article about riding last year). There is a limited aid station at the top with some water, gels and electrolytes.

Matt Miller, owner of BASE (race partner nutrition), Nathalie Brochu (Team Evergreen board member) Bill Plock (303 Publisher) last summer

For 2021, the Bob Cooke Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb is a partner event in the Gran Fondo National Series. Here’s what that means for riders:

·Age group results from the Mt. Evans Hill Climb Gran Fondo will count toward the season-long Gran Fondo National Series Championship points competition. Regionally, athletes can also earn points at the Triple Bypass Gran Fondo on August 21 and the Golden Gran Fondo on August 29.

Series Points will be awarded based on Gran Fondo National Series age groups, which are different than the age group categories at the Mt. Evans Hill Climb Gran Fondo. Updated Series Points standings are available on the Gran Fondo National Series website.

Gran Fondo National Series points will not be awarded to riders competing in the USA Cycling race.

Riders can qualify for the 2022 Gran Fondo National Championship event in either the Mt. Evans Hill Climb Gran Fondo or in the Mt. Evans Hill Climb USA Cycling race based on performance, see criteria at Gran Fondo National Championship.  

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