Peace of Mind Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Kayaking, Climbing a 14er, You Name it, You are Covered?

Endurance athlete Jay Paul and some friends wanted better insurance protection when they were doing some epic endurance events like the Cloud City Wheelers race where Jay was pictured here, or something like the Triple Bypass. Says Jay, “Even though races and events generally are covered with some sort of insurance, there are still gaps and with most people nowadays having high deductible health coverage, an accident competing or training can take a lot of money out of your pocket, especially training when only your health care coverage protects you. So we wanted to come up with an on demand insurance product that pays you cash if you are injured.”

Thus Buddy was born. It’s an on demand protection policy that pays you specific amounts of cash for specific types of injuries or loss.

“Some days you might find yourself not feeling confident, or having that eery feeling while riding on a busy road or maybe you want to protect the whole family on an adventure vacation, you can now be insured instantly using your phone,” says Jay.

Here is a chart of examples of cash you will receive, even if your health care or race insurance covers these expenses,

What’s nice about Buddy is that it pays you directly with cash to use as you need and if your insurance does cover certain things, say an ambulance ride, with Buddy you can put that money into your pocket to maybe help for the bike that was damaged. The chart below shows you compensation for specific injuries. Go here for more information or to sign up. You can buy it by the day, the week, or the month. It starts a $9 a day and is less expensive per day with packages.


Buddy’s mission is simple, to help people fearlessly enjoy an active and outdoor life. Have you ever been out for a ride or a run and felt vulnerable? Or accepting a dare to do expert only terrain while skiing? You can now get on-demand accident insurance to make sure you get cash for bills fast and fill any gaps between your current coverage.

Below is a short video that explains more but this is really no brainer for people out competing or taking part in epic events or who just want extra protection for everyday activities.

Go here for more info and to sign up:

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