AP Reports Trump Admin’s New transportation grants ditch bikes and walkways

Photo: RailstoTrails.org

From the Daily Camera

WASHINGTON— Forget about bike-share stations in Chicago or pedestrian walkways in Oakland. That’s so Obama-era.

In the Trump administration, a popular $500 million transportation grant program is focused more on projects in rural areas that turned out for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. That means more road and rail projects in GOP strongholds such as Idaho, North Dakota, and Oklahoma, and fewer “greenways,” ‘‘complete streets” and bike lanes.

The latest round of these grants has nothing for New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago. Money in those Democratic heavy states went instead to projects in Trump-friendly regions: repainting a bridge in New York’s North Country, contributing to a highway project in Modesto, Calif., and upgrading an interstate highway in southern Illinois.

It’s a refocusing from the priorities of the previous administration, which gave most of these TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) grants to urban areas represented by President Barack Obama’s Democratic allies on Capitol Hill.

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3 thoughts on “AP Reports Trump Admin’s New transportation grants ditch bikes and walkways

  1. #FakeNews

    Hint: Search the page for “bicycle” and “bike”.

    Leftist’s hate for Trump is palpable. The world doesn’t revolve around cities. Yes, there are actually people that don’t live in the cities! Committing more resources to neglected rural areas seems fair to me.

    1. Actually the world does revolve cities and most people do live in cities and towns. Moreover, people in cities pay most of the taxes.

  2. You mean Trump’s hate for anything other than the sub? What benefits more people ? A complete street in an urban center or a bridge in Iowa?


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