• Victor Colorado, Dream Bike Rides, A Rich History and a Bike Geeks Ultimate “Man Cave”

    Submitted by Bill Plock on March 29th, 2021

    It seems one of the most common conversations when cyclists gather for chilly spring rides revolve around upcoming summer events and race plans. Often answers like Ride the Rockies, the Triple Bypass or the Copper Triangle thread through conversations but rarely does it seem people talk about new places they want to discover on their bike. Events and races are wonderful motivators and loads of fun, but perhaps equally enthralling, for me at least, is finding new places to ride while learning the local history.

    A point of focus for us at 303 Endurance in 2021 is to help you discover new places to ride, run and hang out. A few weeks ago I re-visited Victor Colorado to tell the story about Brian “the glide” Hayes and how he and this town of just 400 people managed to build a wonderful ice hockey rink that draws players from all over the mountains. In this interview Brian tells that story and many others! Read more

    • Pactimo Seeks 4 Fit Models

      Submitted by Bill Plock on March 29th, 2021

      As a Fit Model, you will assist our Product Development team as they size garments for future releases. Fit Models wear a variety of athletic clothing in standing and active positions as our team of developers and designers ensure proper size standards are met, while also examining optimal stretch and active motion fit. We welcome any level of cyclist, from beginning to expert, and are open to those who are not cyclists, so long as the candidate matches specific fit measurements.  Read more

      • Bike Events Now Included in 5 Star Covid Certification Program, Big Win for Endurance Events

        Submitted by Bill Plock on March 25th, 2021

        When the State’s 5 Star Certification Program was introduced in late December to allow counties to certify qualifying 5 Star entities like businesses, gyms and fitness centers, restaurants, personal services and indoor events to operate at a greater capacity, we saw that outdoor recreation options like bike tours were not included as a category alongside other business entities. With bike events planning 2021 rides amidst uncertainty about State regulations and participation guidelines on COVID, we needed to find a solution quickly, so we got to work to fix the problem.
        Working alongside the Colorado Bike Event Coalition (CBEC), today we’re proud to say that the Certification Program has been amended to include outdoor recreation events, clearing a path for Colorado’s iconic bicycle tour events to return this year. Ensuring that bike events like the Triple Bypass, Denver Century Ride, Courage Classic and more can go on in a COVID-safe way not only allows people like you to partake in the rides you love, it also protects an important part of Colorado’s economy—tourism dollars from Coloradans and out-of-staters traveling to participate.  Read more

        • A Giant Slice of Humble Pie, What Megan Hottman Learned

          Submitted by Bill Plock on March 22nd, 2021

          If you said 4️⃣above, you’d be right.
          Even though I’m not new to bike racing I committed several cardinal sins today and acted like a total newbie: I didn’t eat three hours before my race. I didn’t cool down last night. I didn’t warm up this morning.
          When the race started and my group took off uphill towards the single track I popped. Immediately. Legs imploded. 💥 My race was over a few minutes into the thing. I watched my entire AG ride away from me and I never saw them again.

          As easy as it was for me to spend the next four hours reading myself the riot act, I didn’t. Read more