Colorado Cycling in 2007

For many it seemed like Mother Nature would ever cut us some slack and let us just do what we want, ride our bikes. 2006 ended with some massive snows and 07 started things off with at least two large snow storms

But who cares, in 07 I got a copy of the freshly printed, Red Zinger Classic DVD. Having not grown up in Colorado it was very interesting to learn the history of cycling in this state especially Boulder and even better to witness the great Davis Phinney take some victories.

Davis wasn’t the only Phinney in the spotlight in 07, his son, Taylor Phinney won a gold medal at TT World Championships.!! Taylor wasn’t the only Coloradan to ride successfully at worlds event, Danny Summerhill got a silver at CX Worlds.


Cateye RR… if you did it then you will remember!
Back in Colorado racing got off to a rough start with snow almost canceling the second stazio and with the new categories by many of the women were boycotting the Boulder Roubaix.


While the weather was nice for a Boulder Roubaix race, it still ended near tragically for others, see what is I feel the worst crash of 07



As the racing season got in to full swing many Coloradans were getting excited by the thought of Lance and Floyd going head to head in the Leadville 100 but once Lance heard that Floyd was racing it his schedule seem to get in the way. Floyd did go on to get second only a month later to be stripped from the record books by being found guilty for drug use.

As drama from the TDF was washing over us many were getting geared up for a new RR (something that rarely happens), the the $70 Rist Canyon RR. Besides the steep price the steep roads made for a very successful race leaving many including myself watering for a second try in 08.

As the season was coming to a close so was a chapter with ACA, Andy Rosen announced his resignation which really set the wheels in motion many more resignations including that of Beth Wrenn-Estes and many more. What stands in 08 for ACA is a big unknown.

As the ever so popular cyclocross was heating up in Boulder for the fall season, local rider and bike shop owner, Brandon Dwight was getting press coverage for his successful line of Dopers Suck clothing. Some of those shirts were ending up in funny places

The cross season brought some great racing to Colorado with 2 UCI races in Boulder! And that Brandon Dwight guy…. Well he went on to win the 35-39 cross championships in Kansas City Dec 18 in what I would call “The hardest race of the year”



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