Why I Never Give Up

Today I raced my second Men’s open CX race at Louisville Rec Center. The course was fairly technical and very bumpy with a field size of about 38-ish I think. Lane Miller from LVC and I started at the absolute back of the field since we are both fairly new to the men’s open field. Lap 1 was partly a parade lap but I passed a few guys, then lab 2, 3, 4-ish I caught a lot and started to settle into my position, at least I thought so until guys in front of my were quiting!?! I wasn’t sure of where I was in the field, I knew I wasn’t going to win yet I also knew that I wasn’t near the back anymore but still guys just started popping off, Why?

I’ve been racing the 35+ field for 3 years now and I hardly ever saw that behavior happen why in the men’s open? Do they think that if they aren’t getting on the podium then why bother?

Never give up, in the worse case just make it one hell of a training day. I guess I could have quit like many of the other guys today but then I never would have finished 13th!

Now flame on if you like.

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